One of our passions in life is traveling, which I’m sure is the same for the majority of people.
We love to visit new places, countries, continents where your not even part of the society they’ve built. I love the feeling of being anonymous, being able to observe life like your an alien on a different planet.
When you visit new places it implements this feeling that were all the same yet were all so different.
The world is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people (as I’ve been assured since starting this blog).

I’m so fortunate to have seen & visit the places I have thanks to my parents.
Taking me & my older sister on several holidays a year both abroad and in our home country growing up. We got to enjoy seeing new countries and learning about culture along with having the time of our lives, as well as visiting the places right at home. Although compared to many I probably haven’t seen a great deal of the world but its on the list for sure. Luckily my husband, Toney, is just as passionate about traveling as I am.

We’re both so looking forward to exploring the world together, we already have very itchy feet. I can’t wait to share our journey and travels with you! Since starting my blog we have been fortunate enough to have already visited several places together. Below is our Bucket list! You can follow the link attached to read more about our travels, if it’s not yet there it will be soon!

Italy (Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence & the Amalfi Coast)





UK (London, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Liverpool, Birmingham)