A little about me

Hello, my names Rosie! I am 23 years old, born, raised & lived in England all my life until 2017…

Currently living in a small “sleepy” town in Florida, roughly 45 minutes away from Disney World. My Fiancé is American and last February he moved from California to Florida for a change of scenery. Then he met me! So here I am! Sharing our new Journey with you all!

I have several passions in this thing we call life; Traveling for sure! Who doesn’t love to travel & see the world? For me, I prefer to see all the little places that rarely get captured because no one knows about them. Exploring places I’ve never heard about. I love it.

On top of my lust to see the world, I’m also passionate about my career, Registered nursing & Midwifery. There both so diverse, I’ve loved every minute of my career so far, good and bad. I can’t wait to see what this new journey holds for my career.

Hope you enjoy my blog & cant wait to update you all on our new journey together.