Hey there! My names Rosie! Born, raised & lived in England all my life until 2017…

Currently living in a small “sleepy” town in Florida, roughly 45 minutes away from Disney World!

I met the greatest guy ever, Toney, while vacationing in Florida in 2016.
Living over 4000 miles apart until we met in Amsterdam, February 2017, where we became engaged!
April 3rd this year, Toney & I got married at Walt Disney World! Truly the happiest, most magical day of our lives so far!

Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a LifestyleSo I’m here sharing our journey with you all!
Along with recently getting married Toney & I are expecting our first baby due this fall!

We are so lucky to finally be able to spend so much time together, being able to travel and enjoy our lifestyle which you can read about and follow along on my blog!

We love to travel, especially discovering all the quaint little whereabouts that rarely get captured & exploring places we’ve never heard about. Along with the visiting the renowned too.

On top of our lust to see the world, I’m personally passionate about my career, Registered nursing & Midwifery. There both so diverse. I’ve loved every minute of my career so far, good and bad. I can’t wait to see what this new journey holds for my career.

Other topics you’ll be able to read about on my blog; wedding planning, interior design & home decor, blogging, pregnancy, self-esteem & mind and much more!

Please don’t be shy! I love to connect with other bloggers & hope that you enjoy following along our journey together!