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I want to share with y’all the freebies & amazing discounts I managed to get during my pregnancy so far! So if you’re an expecting parent (Congratulations!) or know someone who is expecting then keep reading on or share this post to them, because I managed to get a fair amount of baby/pregnancy items for free or little to none!

Lets face it babies are expensive, there’s no doubt it. Whether it’s your first baby or your third – free stuff & huge savings are always great and help along the way. In this list I’ve added my own images of what I managed to get along with as much information as possible, as these are all legit from my own personal finds. This was also super fun as a first time Mommy – getting free adorable baby stuff which then makes you so excited for what’s to come…

Anyway I’ll get on with the list!

Journey of a Lifestyle

Abby & Finn

Journey of a LifestyleJourney of a Lifestyle

Abby & Finn offer a free trail of their diapers and baby wipes, you just have cover shipping which is $4.95. You won’t be signed up for a subscription or monthly service so don’t worry about having to cancelling anything or being charged later on. I actually wanted to try this brand as it’s fairly new so Toney and I ordered the trail pack which came with 8 diapers and a pack of 12 baby wipes. We haven’t yet tried them as our little one isn’t here yet but I will update this post with a review once we’ve tried them.

Amazon Baby Box

Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a Lifestyle

The Amazon Baby Box is definitely worth getting if your expecting! It’s a little more work to get compared to just going into store and collecting or ordering online like above however the Amazon baby box is claimed to be worth $35 and has some pretty neat freebies inside so it’s worth the extra hassle.

Firstly you have to create a registry on your Amazon account. Then you need to purchase an item from your registry worth $10 or more, however, this doesn’t have to be baby related so if you buy your pet food from Amazon or was planning to buy something for over $10, just add it to your registry and purchase it from there. Secondly you have to check off everything on the Amazon baby registry checklist which it gives you. You may not actually have these items but just tick the boxes to say you have them so you can claim your free baby box! It did confuse me trying to work out why it wouldn’t let me claim the box (baby brain!) but I managed to work it out, eventually.

Our baby box came around two days later with prime which I believe you have to be registered to Amazon Prime to order your baby box. Here’s a list of what we got inside our Amazon baby box: three small samples of baby creams and washes.  Pampers diaper and wipe pack, (seen on picture above) which contained one free diaper and sample pack of baby wipes along with the carrier which we were able to fit around 8 diapers inside so could be used for inside your diaper bag too. A Philips Avent 4oz natural bottle and a Philips Avent breastfeeding pack. Tube of Lysol daily cleansing wipes. Two NUK newborn pacifiers. A Little Me bodysuit/baby vest in yellow with ducks on it (seen on picture above). The Amazing Baby muslin swaddle as seen above, super cute with zebras on so completely neutral for other parents not finding out the gender like us! Finally in the little Moon and Back box seen above has the cutest bodysuit/baby vest in white with little grey elephants on.


Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a Lifestyle

If you set up a baby registry online with Target, you can then go into store and collect your free baby pack from the customer service desk. I’m not sure what they claim the value inside is but here’s what we got in our pack:
A selection of small samples of creams and baby wash along with a ton of Target vouchers! Two UP & UP newborn diapers, a sample of two diapers and pack of wipes from Honest and the same Pampers diaper and wipe pack as described in the Amazon box. There was also one Dr Browns natural flow bottle for newborns and one Phillips Avent natural bottle. Finally a Lansinoh breastfeeding samples pack and one NUK newborn pacifier.

Little Wanderers

Journey of a Lifestyle

I came across a Pinterest post which gave a list of baby deals and freebies and Little Wanderers was on the list so I check them out (unfortunately I can’t link the post as I didn’t save it, sorry!). I had to pay $14.99 shipping which is probably a little crazy but we did receive these two pairs of baby shoes! We had the option to select which style and size of shoes we wanted then just applied the code at the checkout (I believe it give you the code on the website).

There not like buying a pair of Converse or Jordan’s in terms of quality however there definitely not bad either! I was hoping they would be a little more gender neutral which they appeared to be  from the online pictures. If we end up having a little girl I may have to gift these!

Baby List

Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a Lifestyle

Journey of a Lifestyle

Once again if you create an online registry with Baby List and follow the short steps they will post you a baby box. The steps were pretty simple such as adding items to the registry so it’s worth completing to be honest. Here’s what we got in our Baby List box; a sample back of Cetaphil creams, lotions and washes. Another Pampers pack. A MAM 4.5oz anti colic bottle. A Burt’s Bees burping cloth and finally an i play baby hate, both seen above.

Bye Bye Baby

Journey of a Lifestyle - Freebies for expecting parents

No surprise that Buy Buy Baby also offer a free gift when you create a registry online. All you have to do is go in store to collect it, we also got some really useful tips from the staff there along with a little passport which gave us a list of baby items we may need. Inside our free baby bag we got yet another Pampers pack and also a Honest pack the same as in the Target gift bag. Some more small samples of creams and baby washes. I’m also sure we had a free baby bottle in the pack also but when I came to write this post there wasn’t one in there so I’m assuming it’s got mixed up with all the baby things.

So that’s currently my list of freebies which we’ve managed to get throughout my pregnancy so far. I have signed up to a few other stores which claim to send free gifts but haven’t yet received anything so if I do I’ll write up a part two post. However if y’all know any other freebies which I can try and get I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. I don’t think I’ll be having a baby anytime soon but this was a really informative post, Rosie! I had no idea so many places gave away such nice things for babies! The shoes are so cute; I think they’d be fine for a girl, too!

    1. Never know girl 😉
      Thank you! Me too! I found lots of informative sites about freebies and then once I started researching, boom! Ha ha
      Yeah I think with the right outfit they would work! Thanks for the input! <3

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