Your home is your sanctuary. It should be a place of restoration rather than a stress zone from aspects in your life you’ve left to complete or any other reason. For most people your home is something you’ve worked extremely hard to acquire and continue to work hard to maintain, therefore when you walk through your front door, you should feel a sense of relief, happiness and relaxation. I’ve listed below some points which have been known to help create a more stress-free, calm environment.

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Make your bed everyday

It doesn’t have to be perfectly made but can completely change the feel and view of your room. So when you walk into your bedroom after a long day you’re not welcomed by a messy room which could lead to further stress and you feeling less relaxed in your home. Just take one minute to smooth those sheets out!

Allow the natural light to be your alarm clock

I’ve read this in a few books and articles that by allowing natural light to come into your room and wake you up,  it can be more beneficial compared to when your alarm clock goes off you feel the resistance to get up. I’ve chosen to put this into my list because I do believe that this will work for some people! However it’s a controversial point for me as currently I’m sleeping like an owl as baby is wriggling around from midnight onward so I’m waking up later than usual and I know once baby is here I’m sure I will be trying to sleep when I get the chance, for me – this means a dark room!

Emotional de-cluttering

Declutter items and cluttered spaces in your home using the emotional method. I read about this method in a highly recommended book I brought which actually helped me become a less cluttered and more organized person. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up has numerous, simple solutions of how to organize and sort your home – I highly recommend getting this book! Click the image seen below to purchase from Amazon, also currently 43% off. The emotional de-cluttering is about looking at the items you keep and considering how they make you feel. It’s all about throwing away possessions with negative energy attached to them. For instance; don’t keep items from previous unhappy relationships (both friends and ex’s!). Donate or sell any old clothes that don’t fit you and are likely to cause negative thoughts about your image.

Calming Colors

Surround yourself with colors that relax you and make you feel calm and at ease. More pale, neutral colors are known to be more relaxing compared to bright bold colors which can actually raise your blood pressure.


According to Harmonious Environment, it is stated that studies have shown having living plants and greenery in your home environment can greatly reduce stress. I’ve personally been looking for a medium-large indoor plant for our home so if you have any recommendations for one that isn’t too much work (won’t die if we forget to water it!) please let me know! Click the image below if you’re interest in Harmonious Environment which is currently 60% off!

Are there any objects or rituals that you follow to create a stress-free home? If so please share!


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3 thoughts on “Creating A Stress Free Home Environment

  1. I heard cacti are quite easy to take care of! 🙂 I never knew that bright, bold colors could raise my blood pressure… wow! Thanks for the new info, Rosie! ♡

    1. Hey Girl! So sorry for the late reply, haven’t been as active as I should be on my blog lately! Trying to get back on it!
      I have a little cacti in our bedroom but we wanted a large one for the living area as we have no greenery! I’ve heard a little about what colors you should paint the rooms in your house, such as certain colors trigger certain moods! Whether any of it is true though, ha ha.

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