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Starting a blog as a completely new blogger can be quite overwhelming and challenging, I’m telling you this from my own experience. Everyone has a reason why they choose to start their blog, may be a personal reason or because you aim to generate a side income. When you start your blog there can be many reasons why it isn’t reaching its full potential. This can be really frustrating as a new blogger! Even more when you’ve spent so much time and effort to start and set-up your blog.

There’s many important aspects to blogging which I’ve learnt over the past year thanks to lots of research and the help of other bloggers. I’ve created this post along with my How to start a blog page to hopefully help new bloggers and also give other bloggers some info, knowledge & resources which should help y’all along your blogging Journey. So let’s get started!

Journey of a Lifestyle

Identify; why are you starting your blog?

Everyone has their own reason why they want to start a blog. Share your knowledge and passion for something? Earn a side income? Document your life somewhere? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting a blog but not quiet sure about it. Whatever your situation, before you create your blog make sure you know why you’re starting it and what you want from your blog. Without identifying this, you’re going to lack goals and motivation which can cause your blog to fail.

Create your Niche

Having a niche is really important, arguably one of the most important aspects of having and starting a blog. Why? Because when someone new visits your page, they need a reason to follow you. What are you writing about? Health tips? Your lifestyle? Finance? Poetry? The list goes on and on. Having an “about” page to tell your readers about you and what you write about and can help them to decide if your niche fits with what they like to read about. Deciding on your niche also helps you to further brainstorm what topics you will write about and helps you to create a list of post ideas to generate your content.

Don’t worry about the numbers

I’ve put this one-third on my list as it’s something I read a lot of comments about and get a lot of questions about. “How do I increase my traffic?” “My stats are so inconsistent, how can I improve this?” And so on… If you’re a new blogger, you shouldn’t be worrying about your traffic. Your blog is new, fresh and it takes time along with hard work to build an audience. Without an audience you will have no traffic. So my advice is focus on the aspects which will help build your audience and not the numbers, once you’ve built your audience, the numbers will come!

Patients! It takes time to build your blog

Similar to the previous point, building your blog; including your site, audience, knowledge & content, all takes time. You’re not going to achieve it all in a week. When I started my blog I wasn’t working therefore I could spend as much time as I desired building my blog. In the first three months or so of blogging, I spent a lot of time connecting with other bloggers, playing around with my site, writing content & luckily it paid off as I received over 10,000 hits in my first few months blogging. But not only did I focus on all the different aspects of blogging, I also did a lot of research into building a new blog during that time. Another thing I did to help keep myself focused and on track which I highly recommend to all bloggers, is to get a notebook/diary purely for your blog! I will do a separate post on this as I wrote tons down and it really helped keep me organised!

Draft your posts

Get them ready to go! I always have around fifteen blog posts drafted so I can add things to them, plan when I’m going to publish them, take photos to work with each different post. If you can have your posts drafted with two or three ready to go each week (depending on how often you want to publish your posts) then your posts will be consistent for your readers.

Journey of a Lifestyle

You don’t need to post 24/7

Some bloggers choose to publish a post everyday, even multiple times a day. If that’s what you want to do it’s not a bad thing at all and that’s amazing if you can find the time to! However it’s also fine to only post one, two or three times a week. I believe that it’s more important to spend time developing each individual post. What I mean by developing is there’s so much that goes into writing one blog post such as, the content itself. Your content needs to be authentic to catch your readers attention. It also helps if your content includes photographs and you may want to add references or links to your post which also takes time.

I’ve never personally published a post every day for the reason that if I did, my content would be rushed, my photos may not be as good quality compared to if I had time to sit down and focus and fully get into writing along with taking the best pictures. For me, quality is better than quantity!

Play around with your blog

Aesthetics are important when it comes to blogging. Although when I say this remember its YOUR blog and you should be happy with it. It’s also important to remember that when someone new visits your blog, the first thing they’re going to see is the appearance of it. If they think your blog looks dull and uninviting, this will probably turn them away.

Also remembering if you’re new to blogging there is SO much to learn! I’ve been blogging for a year now, I’ve managed to become self-hosted with no help but I’ve also played around and researched a lot about finding tips & tricks to designing your blog. Have some fun and try out different aspects like themes, widgets, plugins. If your unsure what something is then Google it, or ask another blogger (Hey I’ll always try to help – that’s why I’ve created my how to start a blog page!)

Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone has their own Journey (as I like to call it!) when it comes to blogging and even more importantly everyone has their own goals and puts their own perspective on their blog. It’s so important when you start your blog not to compare your blog to others. Forget looking at their numbers as this won’t help towards your blog. Set yourself goals such as, how many followers you would like to reach by the end of the month and smaller goals for how you plan to get those followers, or how many posts you’d like to publish per week and see if you can meet your goal by the end of the month. Also remember that how you approach your blog will be different to others, for example; I chose to not share my blog on social media for the first year, whereas others might share their blog straight away which will obviously reach a bigger audience.

Listen to the criticisms of other bloggers

There are so many ways you can interact with other bloggers to share and grow your blog. Facebook groups, Pinterest tribes, blogging community groups and more. Groups are a great way to get feedback on your blog. Even as someone who has been blogging for a year I still often seek feedback about my blog or posts that I publish. Other bloggers, especially if they have more experience are normally great at providing advice and feedback on tips to improve your blog. If your interested in the groups I have joined/follow let me know & I’ll write-up a separate post based around blogging groups.

Remember; good grammar is important

Affiliate companies and brands don’t want to work with a blog which is full of spelling and punctuation mistakes, they want to be represented by a professional blog. Even if you don’t want to motinize your blog, I personally don’t want to follow someone or choose to read a post which spells in text style (“u” rather than “you”) or even uses Emojis. I want to read your blog post like I’m reading an online article or book.


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    1. Thank you!
      I’m getting uncomfortable now, but as expected. Slowly getting everything ready, the time has gone so quick!
      Thank you, you’re so kind 💛
      hope everything is great with yourself!

          1. Not really. I’m trying to decide if I want to go up to Buffalo , New York in early October . It all depends on my finances. I’m on a fixed income so I gotta do what I can. I’m going to take it easy for November and December but you never know. Have a great rest of the summer . This year is going by wicked fast.

  1. tThis was something that I most definitely had to read. I started my blog sometime last year and kind of decided to quit because it didn’t receive any traffic. Reading this blog post of yours has motivated me to not quit and continue doing what I’m passionate about. thank you <3

    1. So sorry for the late response! I must have overlooked your comment 😢
      Please don’t quit! I don’t focus too much on my own traffic! I’ve got lots of blogging posts coming up with some related to building traffic so that might help. I’ll check out your blog too! ☺️
      Your very welcome 💕

    1. Sure can be! It’s so hard to remember that we all start from somewhere and until you work and spend time on your blog you’ll have low numbers. But it’s also good fun watching them grow following the hard work you’ve put in!
      Thanks for reading & commenting Amanda! XX

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