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I can’t believe we’re already over half way through our pregnancy, it’s going so unbelievably quick!

My second trimester has definitely been a lot nicer to us than the first! For me, things are starting to get more real now. Since the moment we found out that we were expecting my mind instantly changed and I had this mommy / baby brain installed. Not only the forgetful baby brain (which is definitely real!) but since I knew there was a mini version of us both growing inside of me, I’ve had this instinct where everything I do I’m considering if it’s safe for our little peanut. I never imagined your instincts could change so much so quickly.

Baby has been kicking and moving around like crazy since around 19 weeks. It’s amazing to feel and since around 22 weeks I’ve been able to see the movements from the outside of my tummy which is so wonderful to watch. I can just sit and watch my tummy all day long. I used to shout or grab Toney’s hand every time I felt a kick hoping he would be able to feel too but for ages he could never feel anything which was SO disappointing! I remember laying on my back in bed which is when the baby loves to move around and can feel everything the most, and suddenly baby starts going wild moving about & kicking like crazy. Toney put his hand on my tummy and his eyes light up! He said “Wow – I felt that!! It’s so hard to describe how you feel in that moment, such pure joy & happiness.

 Thankfully my dreadful morning sickness and nausea has 95% gone and everything else has been pretty smooth! Monthly appointments with our OB’s who are both lovely. Although the healthcare is very different here in the states and there’s many things that utterly frustrate me about the health system compared to what I’m used to in the UK, I must admit that I love the continuity of care out here.

We met our OB at our first appointment and she explained that there was herself and another doctor who practices at the hospital and it would be one of them delivering our baby. Every appointment we’ve seen either doctor so I can only hope that the continuity continues all the way through our pregnancy as its been lovely having someone you’ve met and knows your background have care for you.

Toney & I have brought loads of baby clothes – I just can’t stop myself! It’s all so wonderfully sweet. Other than clothes we haven’t purchased much else. However we’ve managed to bag loads of freebies so I’ll definitely do a post on all the goodies we got.

I’ve started writing a list of things we will need to purchase (which I’m pretty sure all Mamas do right?) and then researching the different brands and types to get. I’m curious from all you mamas out there when you started getting the nursery ready and purchasing all the big items? Apart of me feels like we should start getting things together then another part of me is so chilled at the moment. Is there a right time to get things started?!
Please let me know!


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