Continuing on from part two … and sadly the last part to our magical day! (sad face!)… so after Toney and I had our first dance which you can read about all the details from our ceremony and leading into our reception here, we were then seated and handed our drinks for the speeches. My Dad made a speech followed by Toney’s nephew who was also his best man. Luckily they were both very loving but funny speeches as I didn’t want to be crying and ruining my make-up for the rest of the evening!

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Following the speeches we went straight onto our reception buffet! We also added even more Disney by having the intro song for the reception buffet as “Be our guest” from Beauty & the Beast! Which fit very well!

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Ah the food was so good! We had lots of options including, seafood, chicken, pasta and a steak serving station so it could be cooked to everyone’s liking. We then had sides of vegetables, salads and steak fries (I love steak fries!). We included an open bar for our guests throughout the night and thanks to Disney, were able to choose a signature drink which we decided to name the “Happily ever after”.

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Following the buffet Toney & I were introduced onto the dance floor again for our first dances with the parents! This was really nice as it started of as such a cute, loving dance between the four of us and then turned into us having a laugh. Everyone else was invited up to join us afterwards and then after around twenty minutes or so of some dancing we lead onto our big surprise.

Our DJ asked to have all the guests on the dance floor for a group photo where our photographers then took some pictures of us all together. After getting some pictures they announced that there were two missing from the photo and then Minnie & Mickey came in to surprise everyone!

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It was such an awesome moment, not only for me and Toney who had secretly known about it but watching everyone else enjoy the moment so much too. It was so much better than we anticipated.

After the group photo we got time for everyone to dance with Mickey & Minnie which was so much fun. Especially watching the older generation just let go and have such a blast was so special.
Then it was time to cut the cake! We had a four tier wedding cake with different sponge and icing flavors on each layer. As you can see from the photo below two layers were brushed and then two were flat layers with little Mickey heads, along with our cake topper Mickey heads which had our names on them. Our cake knife and server was also engraved with our names & the wedding date, another keepsake I need to display somewhere!

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I never realized they would ask us to feed each other the cake! I haven’t seen that before during an English wedding (American tradition maybe?), although when they showed us how to cut the cake and then to feed each other I so wanted to get Toney a little messy! I stopped myself when the thought of him doing it back to me came to mind, ha ha! We then went into the lobby for individual and family photos with Minnie and Mickey before they left.

Following the photos we went back into our reception hall for some cake and more dancing. At around 8:30 pm we headed outside of the Grand Floridian to our own private balcony were we got to watch the Magic Kingdom, Happily Ever After fireworks. This was another highlight to our wedding. Not only do I adore these fireworks but they’ve got such a lovely message and the music throughout is so romantic. It was a really nice way to slow down and have some time just me and Toney while they took pictures from behind.

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After the fireworks we went back inside for more food! We had a dessert party set up with Mickey waffles & ice cream along with an assortment of dessert mini cakes, so yummy! We had a variety of favors for our guests to take home including chocolate Mickey lollipops with our names and wedding dates written on. We also had a guest book table where we had a jar & a sign asking our guests to leave us a message to read on our first anniversary. I’m so looking forward to reading them! There’s so many great ideas for weddings these days, thanks to Pinterest! Did you have anything fun or different at your wedding that your glad you incorporated?

Journey of a Lifestyle

So along with more drinking & dancing that finishes off the last part of our magical wedding day! (sad face!).
After our reception we spent our wedding night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge which was beautiful. Waking up to giraffes outside your room is definitely something I want to experience again!

I’d love to read about anything special you did after your wedding day!
Toney & I haven’t taken an immediate honeymoon due to having all our family & friends here for the wedding, along with finding out that we’re pregnant. Although we’ve got lots of plans for 2019, including possibly spending some time in England with my family, so we will for sure be taking advantage of the grandparents and going on our honeymoon then! Where did you go for yours?


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2 thoughts on “Our Disney Wedding! Part three

  1. I’m smiling as I read your blog! You truly look like a prince and princess! It’s the happily ever after to the Disney movies! And that cake is beautiful! Love the Mickeys! And the cute toppers! Hope you could keep them! We took a road trip for our honeymoon. We went to the Biltmore house in Asheville, NC, and went to Grandfather Mountain, and went to My. Airey where Andy Griffith was from and visited friends in NC too and drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was very nice! And congrats on the baby!

    1. Aww! Thank you so much, so kind of you!
      Yes we kept the whole top tier of our cake and then a few slices from each tier as they were all different flavors (got to save some for the anniversary’s!)
      Ah that sounds so nice! I really want to visit NC and have heard lovely things about Blue Ridge Park way. Let me know if you recommend a trip there as it’s not far from us in Florida!
      Thanks so much – big year for us ha ha! 🙂

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