As you all know I’m a big Disney fan! Movies, parks & everything else Disney!
When we found out we were expecting our first baby one things which I had to start doing was to start building a Disney movie collection. I wanted to have all the classic Disney movies along with the new ones so once our little one is here I can fully educate and pass on the wonderfulness of Disney!

Luckily I recently discovered the Disney Movie Club after hearing about it on a Disney group I’m following on Facebook, for those who haven’t heard of this and love Disney like I do then keep reading! But before I start I haven’t been paid to promote the Disney Movie Club, I just want to pass on how amazing it is to those that haven’t heard of it!

Disney Movie Club is a membership which gives you access to the biggest collection of Disney movies along with Marvel, Star Wars movies and many more titles (not just the Disney animations!) and there is no monthly subscription! When you join you begin with awesome offer of receiving 4 movies for $1 – If you follow THIS LINK you can receive an extra movie, so 5 movies for $1.
Toney & I joined and chose our 5 movies;

Tangled, Meet the Robinsons, Sword in the stone, Big hero 6 and Inside out

Once we joined we then received two offers; add another movie at 20% off then a second movie at 40% off!

So we added Moana and Guardians of the Galaxy

If we had purchased those 7 Blue-ray films from Amazon it would have cost over $120 instead we paid $25!
How amazing it that?!

When you join there is only one obligation which is to purchase 5 full priced movies over two years, that is all & don’t let that stop you cause there’s more…
Every month they have a “featured film” which they will send you, however they email you prior so if you don’t want it you can choose not to receive it and you won’t get charged.
Also, if you do what myself & Toney did by taking advantage of the first two discounts upon signing up you then only have to buy 3 full price movies, which was still given at a discount! Either way your saving money compared to buying online or in store!

There is no obligation to buy each month & no monthly subscription!

To save even more you want to wait for the offers every few months such as, 40% or 20% off your entire order, bundle of Blue-rays for $30 and more! We also received a bunch of vouchers and a Disney lithograph with our first order.

As I mentioned above, I fell in LOVE with the Disney Movie Club when I discovered it as I adore Disney movies and want to build a collection for our new addition. However when I showed Toney what they had to offer even he was impressed! They have new releases for cheaper such as Black Panther, Star Wars (including special editions & steel-book editions), classic marvel films and adult releases such as Pretty Women & Sister Act.

Even better, once you’ve completed your commitment, which after speaking to loads of people in the Disney Movie Club online is very easy to do, you are then VIP! Which means even more discounts and savings!

One more incentive… (yes it gets even better!)

The Disney Rewards! The Disney Movie Rewards Club allows you to collect points for each movie you order. There is a code within each movie you get which you enter on you rewards club account. These points provide you with freebies! You can collect and save to receive items such as posters and Disney pins, clothing, vouchers off your next movie purchase or if you save up there’s even tours to the Disney Animation Studios in CA!

Even better if your not happy Disney allow you to return your movies within 10 days & they pay shipping!

So if your looking to grow your Disney movie collection like me I’d definitely recommend joining Disney Movie club! Once again if you decide to join there offer online is 4 movies for $1, If you CLICK HERE you will get 5 movies for $1, extra movie for free!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me & I’ll do my best to help. Or if you’ve grown your Disney movie collection thanks to Disney Movie Club I’d love to hear about it!


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