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Hey guys! So this post is actually a little late as I’m currently in my second trimester but I thought I’d write back & recap through my first trimester & finding out we were pregnant.

To be honest, as I think back to the start of my pregnancy, it wasn’t the easiest so I don’t do too much reminiscing back to the first trimester. Toney & I found out we were pregnant quite early on at around five weeks as we had our first scan two weeks later which gave us our due date and told us we were seven weeks pregnant.

We decided to take a home pregnancy test as to be honest I wasn’t quiet myself! My moods were all over the place, I was very emotional and my main symptom which was concerning me the most was that my boobs were super sore! So while we were out shopping we picked up a pack of home pregnancy tests. Although as a registered nurse I know the best time to take pregnancy tests are first thing in the morning but I couldn’t wait as I had a gut feeling, so decided to take one that night. As you can probably guess, it was positive!

That night we found out was probably the most surreal moment of my life. I felt emotions I never knew I had!

I was in the bedroom on my own as I had just taken the test and Toney was unpacking the groceries. I remember seeing the test saying “pregnant” starting to cry then walking out into the living room while in tears holding the test up at Toney in disbelieve and shock. I can’t really explain how I felt as I don’t think I even believed it at that moment in time, I was just very emotional while finding the whole moment so surreal! Toney on the other hand had the biggest smile on his face, also being in shock but was so happy & loving the whole moment.

The following day my horrible journey through morning sickness began. At first I wondered if it was all in my head as I hadn’t felt sick at all prior to taking the pregnancy test the night before. Surely not, my morning sickness never stopped and gradually got worse, it was my shadow for the next twelve weeks. UGH & not to mention the food aversions! The look and smell of certain foods would just make me gag for minutes on end. If I let myself get over hungry I’d be gagging or throwing up, although finding something to keep down was such a challenge that I was always hungry.

I contacted our local hospital asking what we needed to do next as not only is this our first baby, but also with me being in a new country I wasn’t sure of the process compared to back in England. Our local hospital were very kind and supportive, also had highly rated reviews online so we booked our first appointment and sonogram for two weeks later.

As my “morning” sickness by our first doctors appointment was a several times a day sickness along with continuous bouts of nausea, therefore not keeping much food down at all. Our doctor prescribed me an anti-emetic, which unfortunately didn’t help at all. Luckily I was able to keep fluids down which I was very thankful for! We also had our first sonogram that same day which was amazing! Being able to see our teeny-tiny baby and hear the heartbeat gives you a whole new feeling that you can’t describe.

Journey of a Lifestyle

Although I found my first trimester extremely challenging & difficult, I couldn’t be more thankful that I had Toney by my side 24/7. He did everything I asked day or night and tried anything he could to make me feel any kind of better. Not once did he complain or moan, just took care of us both the whole time.
Did anyone else have an awful first trimester or did yours go smoothly? Would also love to hear about how you found out you were expecting!

I can’t wait to continue on this Journey with him & share these most precious moments together…


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  1. Awe oh my goodness! I missed the post where you announced you were pregnant. So happy for you and this new journey you’re on! How exciting. I’m hoping the second trimester is much easier for you!

    1. No worries! Thank you so much Amanda πŸ’• Definitely going to be a busy, crazy year for us haha.
      Thank you again, it’s been much better as I’m actually nearly in my third now 😬
      Hope your well! 🌺

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