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So here’s the next part to our fairy tale! If you missed Our Disney Wedding; part one, click here!

Journey of a Lifestyle

The limo drove myself and my bridal party over to the Disney Wedding Pavilion for the ceremony. When we arrive we go straight over to the little building on the right from the picture above. In there is a beautiful little bridal room (I didn’t get any pictures, argh!) perfectly furnished as you can imagine by Disney. The bathroom mirror even lit up with Cinderella’s coach inside of it! We waited in this little room until we were told to move out in the order of the processional. My bridesmaids left first and then I was last. It was rather funny as Toney had incorporated some Star Wars aspects into our wedding day and chose to walk down the isle with his groomsmen to the Imperial March while wearing Star Wars helmets. As we were all sitting in the bridal room we could hear through the speakers any music playing so when Toney walked down the isle we all jumped as this loud instrumental version of the Imperial March came on! My bridesmaids walked down the isle to “Tale as a old as time” and I walked down with my parents to the traditional bridal song.

Journey of a Lifestyle

There were so many special aspects to our ceremony, too many to mention, my favorites however were our custom isle runner (which I can’t wait to frame in the house!), the overall decor and of course having Cinderella’s castle through the window as we got married!

Once our “I do’s” were done, we headed outside to have pictures by the archway and castle as seen in Part one. Before we went back into the wedding pavilion for further pictures, we walked over the bridge for our exit then went back inside the pavilion for further pictures. This way we got to take a variety of pictures without our guests waiting around and then after our exit they were taken over to the Grand Floridian for the cocktail hour.

Once our ceremony photos were done Toney & I were taken over to the Grand Floridian where we had a fifteen minute cool off to catch our breath and have some of the food & drinks served at the cocktail hour. We also got a sneak peak at the reception room before our guests went in. It was quite emotional seeing the room put together, all the effort and time we’d put into choosing everything for the reception had finally come together and it was perfect. We had each table named after a Disney park, which surrounded the dance floor, while the sweetheart table faced the dance floor with our cake infront. Behind our table we had a “gobo” which was a silhouette light of Mickey & Minnie kissing and a gobo on the dance floor of Cinderella’s castle with fireworks surrounding.

Journey of a Lifestyle

Then to our first dance!

Journey of a Lifestyle

Our first dance was something I was actually pretty nervous about, as I can’t dance (not slow dance anyway!). Toney and I were going to take dance lessons prior to the wedding but we never got round to taking any. So for those who are due to get married and are worrying about everyone watching you do your first dance when you know you can’t, I’d definitely recommend taking some lessons as it will take one of your wedding worries away. Although I was a nervous wreck about our first dance once the moment came I was actually fine and really enjoyed it! I think I was feeling so loved up and happy whilst enjoying that moment with my new husband that everything just felt perfect.

Journey of a Lifestyle

The rest is yet to come…

Did you keep any items from your special day? If so, I’m curious to what you did with your keepsakes! We have so many little things we took away from our wedding day and I’m not sure what to do with them all! Make a wedding shelf/display area, wedding box? Would love to hear if you did anything or have any suggestions!


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27 thoughts on “Our Disney Wedding! Part two

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m a tad (ok a lot) late reading about it! You had a beautiful wedding! Do you have any pictures of your cake? I decorate cakes and would be really interested in seeing it. Congrats! And congratulations on the baby!

    1. Hi there! Well it’s better late then never, as they say ha ha. Thank you for reading!
      I’m going to post part three to our wedding either today or tomorrow and that has some cake pictures in it. Maybe it give you some inspiration! If your following via email you should get a notification that I’ve posted part three 🙂
      Thank you so much! So kind of you 🙂 <3

    2. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know I’ve published the “part three” to our wedding and there are some pictures of our wedding cake within that post – enjoy! 🙂

  2. Lovely, i kept my shoes, and head piece, all of my horse shoes/good luck charms. all of the cards, the topper from the cake and my flowers. For the first 5 years the shoes and flowers were out in our bedroom. Now everything is packed away in the loft. It was all brought down last year when we retook our vows for our 25th, although it all looks very dated and old now 🙂

    1. Oh awesome! I’ve kept all those too! Apart from my flowers as they died very soon after the wedding, although I’ve kept the one Toney wore ☺️
      How did your flowers last 5 years?! Did you have them preserved?
      That’s so lovely have you got them out again for your anniversary (many congratulations btw!!!) 25 Years is huge! Any advice for the newbies 😆

      1. My flowers were silk, as for lasting 25, it’s easy. Always keep a sense of humour, admit when you are wrong, when you row (and you will, everyone does) don’t hold what is said over the other persons head, forgive and forget. But most of all play together, never lose the inner child <3

        1. Ah so beautiful!
          Such amazing advice too! Simple yet powerful! ☺️ 💕
          Here’s to the next 25 for you and the first 25 for us! 🥂

    1. Thank you! 🌺
      Oh lovely! Did you have your bouquet kept in one of the special containers? Or keep it anywhere special to be seen?
      Unfortunately my bouquet died after a week 😔, I still have the one Toney wore which I’m thinking about putting into a 3D photo frame so it’s enclosed. We have too much stuff to know what to do with haha!
      My Mum turned her wedding dress into mine & my sisters christening gowns but I don’t know whether it’s something you’ll want to show your children later on in life. Hmm! 🤔

      1. I put it in a basket on my dresser, it doesn’t look so pretty after 7 years but I can’t bring myself to toss it! My dress is just in the closet because we do want to renew our vows at some point so we can do the big wedding and I think the dress might still fit!

        1. Oh that’s lovely! 💐 I can’t believe it’s lasted 7 years though! Mine was falling apart after one week! It was huge though so not sure where I would have put it 🙈
          That sounds lovely! I love the idea of using the same dress too! Would love to read about that if you ever do it! ☺️

    1. Thank you! ☺️
      Exactly! I was the same! For the whole song I didn’t even consider that there were people watching us… funny how you worry about it then when the moments there you don’t have a care in the world! 💕 must be all the love 😆 thanks for reading & commenting 😘🌺

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