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While Toney and I were living 4000 miles apart in our long distance relationship, we had made many plans to meet up until we could figure something out on a more permanent basis, which still didn’t go to plan! In November 2016 Toney had already purchased his ticket to fly to England for the following July. Although things were very complicated at that time, we were both very much in love and couldn’t wait until July to see each other. Due to Toney’s schedule being a lot more flexible than mine at the time, while living apart he also booked to come to England in March for my birthday, which you can read about here.

January quickly rolled around and we were missing each other like crazy! We spoke about meeting somewhere as the thought of waiting nearly three months to see each other again was literally killing us both. In January I was working in the Neonatal unit and was trying to desperately get some time off so we could try and meet somewhere & I managed to get five days off for the beginning of February. We had both always wanted to visit Amsterdam so we agreed to meet up there! Being only a forty five minute flight from Birmingham it meant I could go for the full five days without having to worry about coming back jet lagged, which as a neonatal nurse is not a good idea!  Although I felt guilty for Toney flying so far all the time, I knew he was much more flexible than me at the time & to be honest if it meant we got to see each other, the guilt soon turned into excitement!

Amsterdam @ Journey of a Lifestyle

Flying to Amsterdam was the first time I’d ever flown on my own before, which was a pretty big deal for me cause I’m quiet a nervous flyer. For some reason, probably all the excitement, It didn’t even bother me. I hadn’t seen Toney since august, over five months, so I was feeling so many emotions to even think about the flight. So terribly excited but also palm sweaty nervous. This amazing guy I had fallen in love with, while there were oceans between us was going to be right in front of me for the first time where I could actually show him how I felt.

So I landed in Amsterdam, anxiously rushing to get off the plane, through customs to baggage claim, where Toney was waiting. My heart racing so much when I got to baggage claim, looking out to see where he was and as I approached the carousel I noticed him sitting there. I wanted to cry! After all those months of texts, calls, video chats, we were finally there together in person. He stood up as soon as he saw me, I ran over and threw my arms around him, I didn’t want to ever let go! We sat down to catch our breath from all the emotions, holding each others hands finally, being able to look at each other & then while waiting for our baggage we had our first kiss. Probably could have been in a more romantic setting but for me it was perfect after waiting so long.

Unfortunately Toney’s luggage got lost along the way so in the meanwhile we headed over to our hotel to check in, have a little rest and drop the rest of our things off before heading out into Amsterdam to see the city. We stayed in a beautiful hotel just outside of the city, only a twenty minute walk to all the touristy spots. We enjoyed the walking as we got to see more everyday, as you can see from the pictures below Amsterdam has such beautiful architecture and features to it’s city.

Amsterdam @ Journey of a Lifestyle

Amsterdam @ Journey of a Lifestyle

One thing we instantly noticed about Amsterdam is that EVERYONE seems to travel by bicycles! Toney & I didn’t bother hiring bikes to get around. We were happy with strolling along the streets, plus with only five days together I wanted to hold his hand as much as possible!

Amsterdam @ Journey of a Lifestyle


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