The past few months, wow! It’s been such a crazy time for Toney and I! Although we’ve known for months all the plans we had made for this year it’s like everything has just suddenly built up and all come at once! We’ve also had some surprises along the way which I will share with you all once our lives finally calm down *which I feel wont be anytime soon (cry face) but its all exciting and it will be a very memorable month.

I’ve got so so much to catch you all up on and so many posts I need to write, I’ve just had no time as well as the frame of mind to sit down and write. With our Disney wedding  less than a month away (AHH!) which along with the wedding includes two weeks with ALL our friends & families, (you can imagine how busy we’re going to be!). However I’ve got lots of draft posts started so hopefully in the next month I’ll be back on my blog as normal! I’m planning to write about our new Airbnb venture as requested and of course I’ll post about the wedding after the big day & fill you all in.

Along with finalizing our wedding plans/details which I can’t moan too much about as Disney do 90% of the work for us, we’ve also been redecorating our home which is still a working process but should hopefully be finished before all of our guests start arriving the end of March. We spoke with our wedding photographer last week who went through the details and the different type of snap shots we want throughout the day. Most of the ceremony details are complete apart from speaking with our officiant. Were due to speak with our DJ soon and need to start our list of songs we’d like played at the wedding. The food, cake and dessert party selections are all chosen I just need to complete the seating charts and send them over to Disney! Its slowly coming together!

We spent a lovely 11 days in Los Angeles in February (again, I need to write about!) & since we’ve been back there’s just been no time to breathe! I feel like I need to start practicing yoga or something. I’m normally really good at keeping organised writing lists, making notes etc. which I have been doing but my mind feels so unorganized with the amount still to be done in such a short about of time.

Los Angeles


Who can believe it’s already March?! It feels like yesterday that I published my posts about planning our wedding back in fall last year, yet here we are 27 days away.
I’m hoping by the end of next week our living area and kitchen will be nearly finished, which will be a relief as I’m tired of seeing paint tins and ladders around the place.
Today Toney & I have been rushing round getting my wedding dress altered and getting the final groomsmen suites. March 12th I’m having my trail hair & make-up done then Toney and I are meeting with our officiant Donna to discuss what we would like said at our ceremony. 22nd March is my birthday although I doubt we will be doing anything too exciting with such a hectic month (hint hint* bed day).

I really want to thank you and apologize for not being as active as normal on my blog.
I appreciate you all for understanding that it’s a busy time for myself and Toney but can’t wait to get back into writing, reading and getting in touch with you all again.



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    1. It’s hard when life’s taking over to continue to be consistent. Even if you write your posts beforehand you’ve still got to find time to connect with everyone!

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