You may be surprised to hear that Jacksonville is actually home to some of the biggest museums, music festivals, and art centers in America. It’s also a city with a rich history and it never hurts to be near one of the premiere beaches on the Florida coast. Here are just seven reasons to move to Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville, Fl was recently ranked number five on Forbes annual list of America’s fastest growing cities. With a population growth of 1.77% between 2016 and 2017, Jacksonville’s job market also grew by 3.76%. In fact, the Jacksonville metro area is the second fastest growing job market in Florida right behind Orlando!

The average home price in Jacksonville is about $193,00, well below the national average. Homes for sale in Jacksonville, Fl. are usually very affordable and much easier to find than in many other metropolitan cities across the US.

Yet these are not the only reasons to live in Jacksonville.

The Art

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Founded in 1974, the Riverside Arts Market is one of the largest outdoor arts and music gatherings to be found in Florida. Open from March through November, the Riverside Arts Market regularly hosts live entertainment, art exhibits, sculptures, and food vendors. Tucked underneath the Riverside Bridge, the Riverside Arts Market is dedicated to preserving historic landmarks found all around Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is also home to its own Museum of Contemporary Arts, which features exhibits from Hans Hoffman and Joan Mitchell. The Museum of Science and History at Jacksonville is a fun time for the kids and features one of the largest single lens planetariums in the world. For one of the favorite local attractions, the Art Walk is hosted every first Wednesday of the month and features pop-up galleries and great art deco.

The Outdoors

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens consistently ranks as one of the best wildlife exhibits in the country. Check out Jacksonville Landing is you’re looking for a stroll down the boardwalk or a view of the waterfront. With 262 parks around the metro area, including historic Hemingway Plaza, Jacksonville has no shortage of attractions or trails to walk.

From Pope Duval Park to St. John’s River Taxi, living in Jacksonville will sometimes feel like you’re living in Florence. The weather is always temperate and its truly summer all year round. Plus, you’re never too far away from the beach.

The Beaches

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Jacksonville is home to over 22 miles of glistening, white sandy beaches. It’s three main beach fronts are Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach. Enjoy fresh seafood and flare at any number of local restaurants near the beaches and casino boats that take you onto the ocean.

Jacksonville is always greater for fishermen. Choose from deep-sea fishing to Florida’s best angling. Jacksonville even hosts its annual Kingfish Tournament every July and thousands of people usually flood in to watch and participate.

The Beer

Jacksonville is home to seven breweries and seemingly hundreds of craft beer shops. Its craft brew scene rivals even that of Tampa Bay and has made a name for itself with the Bruval and Riverside Craft Beer festivals. There are plenty of beer tours running through the city including the popular Jax Brew Bus.

The Blues

Jacksonville has historically been known as the birthplace of southern rock. Featuring a revolutionary jazz and blues scene at the turn of the 20th century, numerous Jacksonville natives would soon be known as blues and rock icons across America. Ray Charles famously performed at the Ritz Theatre in Jacksonville with Teddy Washington when he lived there for a year.

During the 1960s, Jacksonville native Butch trucks joined the Allman Brothers to form one of the most indispensible southern rock bands of all time. Famous southern rock Jacksonville natives would include Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchett. Years later other major Jacksonville acts like Limp Bizkit and Yellowcard would make it big.

With one of the world’s largest jazz festivals and a host of hole-in-wall nightclubs and music venues, Jacksonville’s local music scene continues to thrive and become more varied.

The Food

Jacksonville is actually home to some of the most ethnically diverse and delicious dishes around. From its famous Green Erth Bistro to the Nile Ethiopian restaurant, locals can find anything from African dishes to mediterranean foods. Oh yeah, did we mention the endless seafood?

Jacksonville is also home to 20 locally sourced restaurants where all dishes are made from fram-to-table. If you’re looking for a bite, there’s always food trucks lining the streets.

The Sports

As the Jaguars come off of a historic 2017 NFL season, it’s well-known that Jacksonville is a very big sports town. With several local universities and college teams, Jacksonville is home to some of the best college basketball and water sports in the nation.

For the athletes themselves, Jacksonville has walking trails spread out all over the city. There are also over 70 golf courses to choose from and plenty of water parks and theme parks to take the kids.

Best Neighborhoods to Find a Home

Thinking about making the move to Jacksonville? You should know the best areas to live. With over 875 square miles of land, Jacksonville is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state. Riverside real estate is the most popular because of its history and short commute to downtown. Other popular areas include Northside, Orange Park, and San Marco. While Jacksonville isn’t without its problems, these are neighborhoods are clean, safe, and located next to good school districts. Unfortunately, home prices are very expensive which means you should probably talk to a real estate agent who can find you a deal in a Jacksonville neighborhood that aligns with your vision.

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  1. Is there delicious chocolate, in Jacksonville?
    -Whaaat? I’m writing about great beer, African dishes and endless seafood and he is asking about chocolate?
    Well, what can I say… I’m addicted (to chocolate).
    Have a nice day and forgive me, my unbearable sense of humour 🙂

    1. Chocolate is the best though! 🍫 Tbh I can’t really answer this! Being English, I hate all American chocolate! 🙈 it’s too bitter for me, I love the sweet, milky English/European chocolate which Toney hates cause it’s too sweet! 😂🙈
      Although if you can recommend any sweet American chocolate by all means I’d love to find one I like and can buy regular! 😂☺️

      1. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not from the US. However if you like sweet chocolate, I can send you chocolate from Poland. Just give me any postal adress, where I can send it and it’s done 🙂

        1. Not a disappointment at all! Oh we’d be fine in a chocolate shop then! I don’t think I’ve ever had polish chocolate! Do they make much chocolate in Poland? Most of the chocolate in England originally came from Europe like nestle, Lindt etc. but I do enjoy Cadbury’s and Galaxy if you’ve ever tried those!

          1. Do they make much chocolate in Poland? Are you kidding? Just think about any flavour and probably you will find it here 😀
            We have classic chocolate like the bitter one for Toney, or milk chocolate, with sweet caramel, with salt caramel, with nuts, with cookies, or with any fruit you like (marmalade) – orange, mango, strawbery, raspberry, plum, just any 🙂
            Nestle is big company, I’m not sure which mark/brand work under them, but you can find it in Poland as well.
            When it’s about English chocolate Galaxy is definitely my favourite, especially Galaxy Minstrels! 🙂

  2. I like Jacksonville a lot. Have spent many a trip there for bowl games with my alma mater and had been to Neptune a few times as a kid. Oh, and don’t forget Sawgrass! One of the best courses I’ve ever played. 😃👍🏻

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