What’s to come

This year is going to be the craziest year by far! There’s so much we’re looking forward to, so much planned for the year, although I didn’t intend on writing a typical new year post, this year is very special for us so why not share?!

The first thing we have planned is we’re traveling back to Los Angeles at the start of February! I thoroughly enjoyed our last time in L.A as I was able to see and try all the things Toney enjoyed. I can’t wait to go back, we’re planning on going for one week as we will be getting all the Men’s Suites for the wedding and the final two bridesmaids dresses which will be very fun! You can read about our last trip to L.A here.

Mt Baldy, Los Angeles

Before the end of February arrives (which will soon be around) I also have a list of wedding duties that I need to get ticked off along with my sisters birthday!

These will probably be the most exciting few months! The beginning of March is my maid of honors birthday, followed by my Mum’s, followed by mine two days later. I’m don’t have any plans for my birthday yet and most likely won’t do anything big as four days later our families start arriving for our wedding. For the week prior to the wedding we have plans to visit Universal, the beach and possibly a boat trip. At the end of the month we have two more birthdays and by Easter everyone will have arrived for the wedding (fingers crossed!).

Easter Sunday we have a character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch at Disney’s Polynesian resort booked for 25 of us. After breakfast we’re heading over to Animal Kingdom for the rest of the day. The following few days after Easter will be the day before, of and after the wedding!

By the 16th April everyone will have gone back home. At the end of April we’re attending our friends wedding who I met through my blog! So excited for that too!

Between June and September Toney and I will go on our Honeymoon which were 90% sure on where we’re going at the moment. Otherwise we have no plans during this time. I’m hoping to get some of my online/blogging goals achieved during this quiet time (if it’s actually quiet).

The beginning of September is Toney’s birthday so hopefully we can make some plans to do something special.

In October we’re flying back to England for my sisters wedding which I’m terribly excited for! We’re planning on staying for two weeks then traveling back home. We’re hoping to then travel back for two weeks at Christmas & New Years too.

What’s your plans for this year?



11 thoughts on “What’s to come

  1. That sounds so exciting! I thought I was adventurous/crazy planning a wedding from abroad (I was living in Switzerland but getting married back home in the uk) but planning it while in a new country, without your nearest and dearest, is incredible! I wish you all the luck getting everything done without any stress!

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    1. It sure is (& stressful!). That was one of the reasons we chose Disney because originally we was going to be planning it from England but plans changed! Thank you for your kind wishes, all the stress will be worth it I’m sure! Thanks for sharing your story! Hope your still living your happily ever after 😊😘 x


      1. Oh wow, I bet it’s been interesting living in different countries! I don’t know how I’d cope with the language barrier as I only know English (although would love to learn some new ones!). May I ask what life is like living in Switzerland compared to the UK as I’m from there too! Thank you 😘☺️


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