How I’m hoping to keep myself on track with my New Years list

I recently shared with you all some of my hopes and goals for 2018, but rather than just giving you my New Years list of what I’m hoping for next year I thought I’d share with you all my plan to (hopefully) keep myself on track and achieve my New Years list.

Now let’s face it, most of us girls enjoy a lovely new diary or notepad with new pens to make it look pretty, I sure do! Here’s your chance to go crazy!


Seems pretty obvious right? But I don’t mean just list the big things you want to achieve. I’ve listed down everything I’m hoping to do next year. This is everything from my hopes, for example; Toney & I having the most perfect wedding day. To my goals and resolutions for the new year, such as, to get my US driving license. I’m listing everything in any order with extra notes if needed such as living a healthier lifestyle in the new year will include: drinking more water, going to the gym more etc.

Seeing EVERYTHING written down point after point shows me how ambitious I’m hoping to be next year. Rather than setting myself a few goals which we sometimes do while never actually improving what we’d like to or achieving the things we would like to in the new year. Your able to look back every month and see if you’ve achieved anything, if you haven’t, this may give you a boost of motivation to go out and achieve one of your goals.

Another reason I’m doing this and probably my favorite reason is that I can keep adding to the list throughout the year so at the end of the year you can see all the things you’ve achieved and hopefully you’ll be really proud of yourself.


If you like the idea of doing this and want to take it further you could write your list down into a scrap book and add any pictures or memorabilia to each point you have completed. Or you can write you list and then put a corresponding page number next to your goal where you can expand further on what you have achieved. There the bigger your New Years list is the bigger your scrapbook/2018 book will be!

TIP * if you needed that boost of motivation while looking back as mentioned earlier, maybe add a motivating quote to that specific goals page. Or maybe a friend helped motivate you, add a picture of them for a reminder!


Something else which I’m going to add into my New Years diary is a pixel log. I saw this recently on a Pinterest and I caught my eye. As you can see from the picture below you draw out each day into a square graph then depending on how your day went depends on what color you fill it with. You can track how well your day, week, month and year went. You can also highlight specials days in the year too for example, I’ll be highlighting our wedding day! I’ve never used to seen it before so I’m going to give it a go & we will see how useful it is.

I hope some of these ideas will be useful to you and I hope I can share some success with my list during the year. If you have any other ideas I can try out I’d love to hear them!



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