Our Disney wedding: planning part three

Hey friends,

It’s just under four months till our wedding at Disney World! 107 days to be exact! We have the majority of things planned and ticked off for the big day which is amazing as hey, it’s less stress (I’d like to think anyway!).

Toney & I decided to have a second menu tasting as we changed our menu around for the reception so wanted to make sure we was happy with it! I’m not going to reveal our wedding menu until afterwards but we are including three starters, four entrees including, beef, chicken, and two seafood entrees.

We had a table inside the kitchen like the first time, served with Champaign and they let us try the Champaign we have selected for our toasts on the big day. We then went back to Frank’s studio to finish off more planning & decisions!

We’ve managed to figure out the schedule for the whole day so we know what’s happening minute by minute! Cannot praise Disney enough for their detail and planning for our wedding so far.

As this is my first (& only!) wedding I have no knowledge of how non-Disney weddings are planned out. Disney provide us with documents they refer to as BEO’s which stands for Banquet event order. In this document they note down every little detail and schedule of the wedding day, describing what bride, groom and what each member of the wedding party is doing at what specific time so we can visually see how the day is planning on running by the minute.

We still have a small list of things to do which I may write about in a separate post as you lovely lot always give me fab advice & ideas.



21 thoughts on “Our Disney wedding: planning part three

    1. Thank you! 😘 oh gosh πŸ™ˆ I do sometimes joke to my fiancΓ© saying I’m technically going to be one as every bride is a princess/queen on the their wedding day πŸ˜„πŸ˜

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