Why I love Ebates!

Are you using Ebates? If not, why not?

I think I joined Ebates when I read a really convincing and nicely written blog post about how good Ebates is and why, so I decided to join and I’ve made over $80 in cash-back since.

This was the first check I received!

So along with getting cash-back at your favorite stores and probably your second & third favorite too as they have over 2000 stores to choose from you can also earn cash-back in other ways also.

You can download this button icon which attaches to your taskbar on your internet screen which is really convenient if you shop online. The icon is great because if your shopping online and there is a discount you haven’t applied in the checkout. So when you come to pay it pops up and applies the discount for you, this has happened a few times to times which is always great!

As you can see on the picture above the little “E” at the top, which is where your discount will pop up at the checkout.

You then get a notification to say X amount of cash-back as been applied and will go into your account in so many hours. Once you’ve earn cash-back they send you a cheque.

Another way to earn cash-back is by referring friends & family to join as for each member who joins and uses Ebates you also get cash-back for referring too. If you lovely bloggers haven’t already got Ebates and would like to join, here is the link which is attached alongside my referral.

It’s free to join, you earn money shopping in places you already shop at, it gives you online discounts and you can also add your debit/credit card for in store cash-back also!

I hope you find it as good as I have & if you decide to join please use my referral code. Ebates haven’t sponsored or paid me in anyway to share this post, I’m just sharing how I’ve made some extra cash hoping you can too if you already haven’t. If you get stuck or need anything I’ll do my best to help!



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