The lead up to our first Christmas together

Happy holidays bloggers!

Sorry for the delay in my posts, it’s been one of those weeks especially heading towards Christmas!

I didn’t think I’d be able to get myself in the Christmas spirit this year as it’s the first year celebrating Christmas without being around all my family. It’s also my first Christmas away from England which has been strange during this lead up to Christmas, but I’ll explain that during another post.

So unfortunately we won’t be celebrating this Christmas in our new home due to delays as frustrating buying & selling homes are! However now we know where we are spending Christmas we decided to this week put the Christmas decorations up this week. We’re not putting too many up this year as we’re also packing so boxes everywhere, but have a tree up is just enough to have gotten us in the holiday spirit!

Our perfect little tree.

So as all our house business has been delayed we’ve managed to get 80% of our Christmas shopping finished, however not wrapped may I add! Yet that present under the tree is Toney’s from myself (#keeper).

We’ve also been watching lots of Christmas films which always get you in the holiday spirit!

Always a must this time of year! Along with Elf, The Grinch & The Holiday. Although being in Florida were not really having the winter weather I’m used to back home, last night we sat in our pajamas, with a cup of tea, watching the finale of I’m a celebrity get me out of here followed by Home Alone. During the film we got a tray of cheese & crackers with salami and onion chutney, if that isn’t Christmas I don’t know what is!

So this week Toney’s Dad arrives for the holidays which will be great to spend some time with him again. I’m sure at some point over the next two weeks on this lead up to Christmas we will be going to watch the new Star Wars film and fingers crossed we can find time to visit Disney over the next few weeks.

We decided to have bunch in Mount Dora the other day so visited the French restaurant which we enjoy, even more with this lovely tree sitting outside! Following this taking a stroll through griffin park, see if you can spot the snake!

Hope your holidays plans are coming along great & getting into the Christmas spirit like Toney and I!



27 thoughts on “The lead up to our first Christmas together

  1. I love your tree! I’m sorry about your house situation. Actually, the same thing happened to my fiancé and I! We were supposed to close two weeks before Christmas a couple years ago, but our mortgage loaner decided to go out of town and not tell us so we didn’t end up closing until like two weeks into January! It was awful, but it gets better!

    Have a happy holiday’s and enjoy the next few weeks of Christmas festivities! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much. Oh no, you know how we feel then! I hate relying on other people but I guess there’s nothing we can do but hope everything goes through ok for the new year.
      Thank you for sharing though, nice know we’re not the only ones aha, Merry Christmas 🎄😁😘✨

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