As you all know Toney and I get married at Disney World on April 3rd (trying to contain the excitement!) and as probably most brides to be have these days are notebooks, Pinterest boards and binders full of wedding ideas for their big day.

Toney & I at the wedding pavilion for our Disney planning day.

So I thought I’d share with you all my favorite wedding favors & possibly some of ours that we might be using.

1. Flip flop basket

First one for the girls! I love this idea, especially as weddings can be quiet long (not complaining) I think it’s a great way for the girls to let their feet have a rest but be able to have some fun! I don’t think we will be using this at our wedding as we’re only having around 35 guests but still love the idea.

2. Leave a message

We’re using something similar to the message jar at our wedding, I think keeping something to open on your first anniversary is a great way to recap the wedding and have something to look forward to once the big day is over. I’m planning on keeping the messages and adding them to either the guest book or making a scrap book.

3. Snap a photo/hashtag

I know a lot of people use the disposable cameras at weddings, the Polaroid cameras are great too as you don’t have to get them developed which costs more and people can right their message next to their photo. We’re not personally having any favors like this as Disney provide us with two photographers for the whole day. However we are going to use a wedding hashtag which I’ve already started using on Instagram!

4. Hangover kits

These are going to be so needed at our wedding! We’re having an open bar for 6 hours so I’m considering making some. If anyone has made them or has any thoughts of what can go inside I would love your ideas/input!

5. Plant these seeds, watch them grow

I love this idea, I’m not sure if it’s possible for us to use this as the majority of our guests are coming from out of town (will the overseas guests be able to take them home?) otherwise I may consider doing this as it’s such a cute idea!


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19 thoughts on “My favorite wedding favors

  1. ‘Writing a message’ is a nice idea to engage audience apart from dancing and drinking😀, I did this for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for the ideas, will take some from these for our first wedding anniversary.

  2. I love these ideas! I only had a month to plan my wedding because my husband was joining the military. We weren’t allowed to even leave the state for our honey moon! So we went to a hotel in the capitol city and were tourists in our home state of Idaho for a couple days, it was fun!

          1. Just enjoy your time together, my husband is a long haul truck driver so I only see him 2 days a week. So each week it’s new, we don’t have a routine because he gets home on different days.

          2. Oh yes, we do, I realize I’ll be back at work very shortly so appreciating all the time we get. Oh wow, you must definitely appreciate it, I bet you hate it at times? Thanks for sharing 😁😘

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