My first Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving all! Better late then never right?

I hope you all had the perfect thanksgiving spent with loved ones blessed with wonderful food. This year happened to be my first ever thanksgiving. Being my first thanksgiving I was able to try lots of new foods which was awesome and of course family time!

So this year before thanksgiving we travelled down to Tampa for a Friendsgiving! It was actually my friend who I met on this very blog a few months ago, who would have guessed we would all be sitting down for Friendsgiving together?

We had an awesome evening together, lots of great food with wonderful company. I love those times when all that’s involved is spending time with loved ones, eating great food, chatting about everything & enjoying the moment.

On thanksgiving day Toney & I spent the morning enjoy quality time together. We had plans to spend thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors who actually helped Toney and I meet. Neither of our families live near us so it was another quiet day for us.

FOOD! So as it was my first time celebrating thanksgiving it was my first time trying the holiday food! Yum. For Friendsgiving our friends were fab and made us a full cooked dinner with all the trimmings, best sweet potato I’ve ever had! Also tried my first ever pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.

Thanksgiving dinner was similar of course, Toney was asked to made a ham as there were around fourteen of us for dinner which was beautiful. Also had the tradition turkey, sweet potato however it didn’t have marshmallows on top as I’ve heard from a fellow blogger friend is an American tradition therefore will definitely have to try at some point.

This year has been the craziest year of my life by far, it has also be the best year of my life so far. I’m so thankful for the place I am in right now. Grateful, joyful & blessed for sure.



52 thoughts on “My first Thanksgiving

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I love how the holiday is all about being together and celebrating with everyone — family, friends new and old, it’s become such an ‘all are welcome’ day. Reminds me of the best parts of the country<3

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  2. Nice blog! Good for you 🙂 It’s great that you could spend your first thanksgiving with friends and loved ones. As you know, we don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK but that is the joy of travelling and settling in another country. Experiencing and embracing foreign holidays and festivals.

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      1. Oh wow! That’s amazing 😍 the job I last worked back home before moving out to the US was in NICU, amazing to hear the fab stories following! 😀😀 x


  3. Yay, Rosie! I’m happy that you got to experience your first Thanksgiving and sounds like you had so much fun, too! I, myself, am not too big of a fan of the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top so maybe it’s not so bad you missed out on that one. 😛

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    1. Thanks babe! Im looking forward to next years even more now so we can experiment cooking all these foods and host it ourselves hopefully in our new home! 🤞🏼😁. Hope you had a good one too 😘

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  4. Heyy!! Happy first Thanksgiving! Sounded like it went awesome 😛 Can’t wait to read more from your blog in the future. (P.S. You’ve GOT to try yams with marshmallows on top! It is indeed a tradition for us- and a great one at that)!

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    1. Hey, thank you! Happy belated thanksgiving! Awe thanks so much! Appreciate the support 😘
      I will be trying them indeed! Another fellow blogger advised me too and as I’m now living in the US it would be rude not too!

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  5. Happy and belated Thanksgiving . You have plenty time to try the sweet potatoes with marshmellows on it, but I’m glad you had the ham and pumpkin pie . I could eat ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas all the time. Glad you got to experience your first American Thanksgiving .

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    1. Thanks so much! My blogging friend who I met for Friendsgiving did some amazing sweet potato with nuts on top, they were beautiful, I love them so I’m sure I will when I get to try them! Pumpkin pie! Absolutely love it, can’t wait for next years! I want to go even bigger next year! 😁😘


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