I let my mind wonder the other day, really wonder not just in a daze. And as my mind went on down it’s own little path I realized how lucky I am right now. I’m living life in a way I should take by both hands and enjoy every second, by no means am I saying I don’t enjoy life. But I realized, my situation is quite differential from the majority and I should enjoy that as it is. Once everything falls into place I may not experience this blessing to love life the way I can right now for many years.

Having this time with my fiancé to enjoy life, I realize not many may get this opportunity which makes me more grateful. We are able to wake up in the morning without setting an alarm or being forced to wake up because you have to take the kids to school. We can sit down with each other and enjoy a fresh pot of coffee and talk about life. Or continue to lay in bed and just enjoy what we have with each other.

Being able to go for a walk without planning it into our busy day as I know that’s how it will be in the near future. Suddenly feels like time isn’t a thing. While I appreciate this will all change very soon, it’s nice to enjoy something which gets taken too soon such as our childhood then we wait far too long again for retirement. There’s no in between for most, so to enjoy these moments.

The other night Toney took me for a late night cruise on his Harley which was awesome. There was something about having my arms around my fiancé, all trust in him as we ride, wind in your hair & enjoying the Florida views which was very special. I’ve been on my Dads motorbike growing up so it wasn’t new for me but being able to drive & see where the roads take us as well as being in a new country made it extra special.



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