How I miss English food

So the other day I was craving some Walkers smokey bacon crisps or what the Americans call “chips” and started to realize how much I’m missing the English food!

There’s new foods here in America that I’ve discovered compared to back home which I’m enjoying rather a lot including Nutter Butters, Nestle Abuelta hot chocolate (best hot chocolate I’ve had!). Other than some new treasures which I now love and will be posting back home for my family in England to try, there’s loads of food back home I’m missing!

1. Fish & chips

Top one being Fish & Chips! I would always look forward to a “chippy” on a Friday or Saturday, having either fish and chips with mushy peas or chicken and chips with mayo (my mouths watering right now!).

2. Chocolate

Chocolate! I’m a big chocolate girl and you can obviously get chocolate here in the states but it’s not the same at all. English chocolate is very sweet compared to American chocolate which is why I love it, The good thing is I can buy it of amazon (yay!), it’s just very overpriced.

3. Roast/Sunday Dinner

4. Pudding/Dessert

English sure love their cakes and pudding, but when we say pudding it normally refers to dessert. There’s so much variety of puddings in England and as a family we would have pudding after dinner 80% of the time.

Sticky toffee pudding

Berry/Apple crumble & custard

5. British cakes/patisseries

We have such a variety of cakes and patisseries in Britain, so growing up we got a taste of everything. I didn’t eat cakes often when I lived in England but not seeing a huge variety in the states so I’m missing having a cake with a cup of tea every now and then.

Victoria sponge cake

Scone (not pronounced scon!)

Egg custards



32 thoughts on “How I miss English food

  1. I wanna try the chocolate from the UK so bad. I prefer bitter and not so sweet. And I know I need to try some real fish and chips! Sorry you’re missing home, hopefully you’ll be able to visit soon!

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    1. UK chocolate is very sweet and milky, why I love it 😍 can imagine you like American chocolate then? Ah yes, everyone needs to try good old fish and chips 😍 thanks! We’re going October next year for my sisters wedding and with our wedding etc we can’t really go before 😢 they can post me some goodies though 😛😉


    1. Awesome! Very jealous as we’re currently back on meal preps – being good before the next feast! Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking? My favorite English chocolate is Galaxy but in the UK there’s a divide between Galaxy and Diary milk chocolate lovers! Try both if you get the chance ☺️🍫🍫

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      1. Ah- love FL. My Dad lives in Orlando and I get down there about every other year. I get mixed opinions from former Brits about whether they like the US or not – most don’t like it much. Hope you do, just be careful – crazy people out there

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      2. Oh that’s awesome! Yes there are very mixed emotions, my family ADORE the US however my best friend would never come here if it wasn’t for Disney world and myself being here now. It’s very interesting to see the varied opinions about it. There’s lots I don’t agree with and don’t like about the US but there are such wonderful things here that I’ll never get to enjoy in England (including the weather!)

        Very true but there are crazy people everywhere. I keep getting told I need to be more cautious here in the states, might right a post about it to be honest. The last post I wrote in regards to feeling comfortable in the US, many fellow Americans commented and were so lovely with great advice! Thank you for the chat & thank you for the inspiration 😘☺️

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  2. Many of these I’ve only recently learned from the great British baking show. My brother in law discovered English cuisine living there for a few years recently and we were happy to learn from him. Such a great post!!

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