As you all know myself & Toney started the gym again back in August. Between us were both doing slightly different things in regards to our fitness and meal plans. We have a personal trainer who works with Toney first thing every morning 5-6/Days per week (DPW) and then we both meet with him on an evening 4-5/DPW. So currently Toney has a lot more motivation than me! He is doing really well going to the gym at least 10 DPW.

Although I am seeing a difference in myself personally, my arms and legs have both toned up which I’m happy with. My stamina for cardio has increased so on average I do 2 miles while at the gym. I’m also going to try and go more in the mornings as Toney is doing.

So following my previous gym post we are both still going to the gym and working hard with our diets & both seeing the improvements. However it hasn’t been all easy, for me anyway. Along our healthier lifestyle journey we’ve had our struggles and set backs which is what this post is aimed at.

So as you all know there are thousands of Lifestyle/fitness bloggers and blog posts out there trying to help guide us all to healthier living. Giving us advice and tips on everything fitness and healthy living related. But where’s the people & posts telling us how HARD it is?!?!

I love food! I love sugar! I love everything that is bad for me. So changing my lifestyle hasn’t been easy, especially when suddenly you crave something sweet but know that you shouldn’t have it. We have a cheat day once a week where we will allow ourselves to enjoy something naughty such as a take away. We’ve been sticking to our meal plans which has been good because our meal plans are tasty, but still if we’re watching a movie I find myself craving something like crisps (chips) or ice cream!

We have discovered the Quakers rice crisps which are low in calories, taste great and fill you up. We also found them in Publix 10 for $10! So if you love snacking like me, give these ago or try something similar as we also use the Costco rice bars with peanut butter & bananas as a low calorie snack too.

Along with the healthy eating, exercising can be a push sometimes too, as I love working out on a evening/night but never have any motivation to work out in the morning. It can be even harder when your muscles are sore and just walking hurts! I love the soreness and pain following the gym as makes me feel like I had a good workout but I can completely understand how it would be an excuse for people to miss a session.

I’ve definitely been going to the gym more out here in the states compared to back home which is probably because I’ve got a consistent work out buddy (my soon to be hubby!) which really helps as having someone to share your exercise journey with helps give you motivation and makes it more fun. Were also looking at incorporating a personal trainer into out fitness resign as we’ve both been looking into the benefits of using a personal trainer. I read this article which focuses on getting into shape but also discusses the benefits of using a personal trainer. You can read this article here for more information.

Overall this new lifestyle we’re working hard to acquire hasn’t been all glamorous and fun, but don’t let it stop you! It’s been tough at times, we’ve had to reduce some of the things we enjoy & we’ve had our challenges. There are lots of things that we’ve discovered which has helped us along our journey so I’ll write them into a post soon with hope it might help some of you wanting to improve your health and fitness. Yet we’re loving seeing the changes in ourself and were really enjoy working out so although it’s hard don’t let it stop you! When you start to see the improvements in yourself it really pushes you to work harder.


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6 thoughts on “Living healthier isn’t always easy

  1. This is such a good read. We all need to focus on our “why” we want to go to the gym, eat healthy, and take better care of ourselves. Remember that we only have so much energy in a given day, so doing the hard stuff first makes everything else seem easier by comparison.

    1. Very true! Always looking at pictures of what I’d like to be like myself to give me that motivation and that helps! Thanks for reading and commenting ☺️😘

  2. Love your post! We all struggle trying stay healthy!! But once you notice how great you feel- it becomes second nature! I’ve been on an awesome now healthy journey for about 2 years (body and mind) and I love it!! It’s always a “work in progress” but we are so worth it! Best of luck and looking forward to hearing all about your journey!

  3. Great post! We all struggle trying to stay healthy but once you start and notice how great you feel- it just becomes second nature!! I’ve been on a healthy new lifestyle (body and mind) for about 2 years and I love it!! I’m here to help if you get stuck! 😉

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