Fall/Winter rituals

I hope your all enjoying fall just as much as me. As you all know it’s my favorite time of year as it is for most, I guess due to it being the holidays and the change in season gives us some beautiful views outside. The snuggly time of year. As I was thinking about the things I love to do and sometimes always do I thought this would be a great time to share our fall/end of year favorites with you all.

1. Movie nights

I’m sure this is at the top of most people’s lists as there’s so many classics to watch at this time of year. Every year I love to have a movie night (or ten), Getting cosy on the sofa with the fire lit, hot chocolate in hand while watching loads of classic Christmas films with the family.

2. Cool strolls

Taking walks in the cool seasonal air with beautiful views of every possible shade of orange and brown crunching under your feet. Snuggled up in a thick scarf, thick socks and knee high boots. We do this all year round walking the dogs in our favorite spots, although as the season changes it gets harder to get out with the clocks changing and the weather getting worse but when you get chance I love the beautiful fall views you get to see.

3. Christmas time

EVERYTHING Christmas! Decor, food, songs, drinks, family time – I love Christmas! There’s lots of traditions in our home at Christmas such as having Christmas dinner at home with my Mum making every trimming possible then spending Boxing Day at my aunt’s home. This year it will be my first Christmas spending it just me and Toney so far as planned. Which will be equally as nice as it may be the last year just the two of us (wink wink).

4. Let’s play a game

My family and I play a variety of games all year round but during the holidays we play more than normal which is something I love. From monopoly to the Wii there’s loads we love to play and it’s great when you can all sit around the table, talking with each other, making jokes and just enjoying being with your family. I think there’s nothing better.

5. FOOD!

You have to agree that this time of year we all love to pig out and enjoy the festive foods of fall & the holidays! Although I love the tradition festive foods such as turkey with all the trimmings, typical English pudding/dessert, since I’ve been living in Florida I’ve really enjoyed trying new foods, so I’m hoping this fall I will be able to try some new festive treats too.

Any suggestions of new festive foods I can try out???



31 thoughts on “Fall/Winter rituals

      1. I’m currently living in Florida, just moved from English earlier this year so it’s not too cold here at the moment. Gets in the low 60/F on an evening. I’m actually missing the cold to be honest 😂🙈 something I never thought I would say!


  1. Hi Rosie 🙂 I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award. My post is already published, so you can take a look at it 🙂

    I just want to say I chose you because I think your blog is unique and beautiful just as your amazing personality 🙂


    PS: I hope you don’t mind.

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  2. Hi Rosie, not big on holiday movies . It’s all about the food. Macaroni and cheese, not from a box, but homemade. Ham definitely with pineapples on top, sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top, and for dessert , pumpkin pie , sweet potatoe pie, and red velvet cake! You can’t get more American than that !

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    1. Wow! Thanks for this! I’m definitely going to get my other half to make some of these for me (he’s the cook!) sweet potatoes with marshmellows! That’s amazing 😱 it’s great trying these new foods! Thanks so much for the ideas 😘❤️


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