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On some of my recent posts including “Getting back into the studying mind”, some of you mentioned that you liked my desk accessories so I thought I’d share with you all my favorite desk/office accessories that I’ve seen & bought, how much they were and were you can get them from.

I’m one of those that loves to have a neat, tidy & CUTE looking desk/office, although my work space has been taken over at this present time due to decorating the house. When I decorate a room in our home I always stick to a theme otherwise it can look completely bizarre as I love shopping for home items & could probably buy cute without a thought if I’m in the mood. So today I’m sticking to a rose gold/copper theme as it seems to be the new in color and they can really work in making a room pop.


1. Rose gold marble mouse pad

I love adding little touches to something which can completely change the look or feel of a space/room. I discovered these cute marble rose gold mouse mats on Pinterest a while ago and thought they were so cute, I managed to find some really cheap ones on amazon for $7.99 which is great as I can’t justify buying an expensive mouse pad! If you want to check them out just click the image for more details!

2. Rose gold/copper scissors

Every office needs a pair of scissors & sticking with our theme these rose gold/copper scissors are fab! They are $10.09 which for some may seem quite pricey for a pair of scissors but they are amazing quality, real heavy duty scissors great for office needs and fabric cutting too. Bought from Amazon, link can be found below.


SZCO Supplies Fatima Tailor Scissors with Rose Gold Finish, 8.5″

3. Rose gold collection


Okay so I found this rose gold collection while shopping online at Admittedly these are designed for a bathroom, HOWEVER… I think they can be really useful, stylish office accessories too. The soap dispenser can be used for hand cream/anti-bacterial lotion. The soap holder can be used for holding paper clips or anything small. The open top jar can be used for pens and the enclosed jar can be used for mints, sweets etc. There a lovely collection if your sprucing up your desk/office space, however a little more pricey at $42.96.

4. Rose gold card/photo holders


Great little accessories for those with a big or small office space. They look cute and unlike a photo frames take up much less room. Also unlike a photo frame they can hold other things such as celebration cards and notes therefore can be quite useful! Another thing I love about these is that they are only $8.85 for a pack of 10 on Amazon, which is the cheapest of these kind that I’ve found. I’ll post the link for them below. Great idea which I’m going to use, as there are 10 in a pack I’m going to keep half for myself and use the other 5 towards a Christmas gift for someone!

JANOU Rose Gold Place Cards Stand Holder Pictures Paper Note Clips for Office Wedding Decoration Pack 10pcs

5. Rose gold waste basket


This white & rose gold waste basket from Target is again a little more pricey at $39.99, but looks great and is really practical. I’ve seen loads of rose gold waste baskets in the market such as the wired ones with holes in them. I personally find those impractical due to having holes in them as small bits of waste comes straight out. I also like this item as its perfect for reusing store bags as bin liners (I’m sure I’m not the only one that does that???).

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