October update

Hi everyone! I hope your all having a wonderful October. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, we’ve been rather busy this month so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog at all! I thought I’d update you on my absence before I hopefully get my blogging mojo back!

So as you all know this month my friend Jess came to visit from England for two weeks, one of the reasons I’ve been busy this month. We had an awesome time while she was here, spending time shopping, showing her the little towns myself & Toney enjoy going to visit and of course Disney World!

We’ve also been finishing off the decorating which we started in the house as you all know, but we’ve also decided that we would like to move house hopefully before our wedding in April. Therefore if we find one we love we’ve been getting our Home now all ready to sell for when the time comes. Along with decorating we’ve also been looking for our perfect home which has taken up a lot of time too!

Still continuing with wedding planning as since our planning day at Disney we received our overall estimated budget so we know what we’re working with now and can make some more decisions.

We also got a personal trainer around two weeks ago. Toney met a lovely gentleman at the gym who offered to help give us some tips and advice so I’ll hopefully write something about our experience with having a personal trainer.

As Halloween approaches we are due to go to Halloween Horror nights at Universal resort next week which we’re really looking forward to!

I hope your all having a lovely, blessed October & look forward to catching up on the posts I’ve missed over the past few weeks.



14 thoughts on “October update

      1. Oh you’ll love it! Be sure to write a post about it! We have annual passes to Disney World in Florida and there’s still things we haven’t seen or done, you’ll absolutely love it! Can’t wait for you ☺️ xx

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