Getting back into the studying mind

Hello everyone!

It’s been nearly two years since I finished my Nursing Degree which means it’s been two years since stressing over deadlines, assignments, exams, dissertations, having no time, having no money & everything else that comes along with being a student.

However, I quite enjoyed being a student (most of the time). Sitting at my desk, music on in the background, ticking things of my checklist as I’d completed something. The feeling that you had accomplished something and can start to countdown till your next break or till everything’s signed off. Obviously forgetting the feeling of procrastinating at probably the worst time.

So, why am I writing about my study life from two years ago? Because in order for me to be able to get a job and work in the states as a Nurse there are several things I must do beforehand, which is why I need to get my study head back on. I thought I’d share this with you all as some of you may be able to relate & help!

(I might frame this quote!)

Firstly, once my degree has been accredited, I can apply to take the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX exam is the National Council Licensure Examination which is a standardized exam which each states board of nursing uses to determine whether someone is prepared for entry-level nursing. I’ve already purchased some books for exam and started revising for it but as the exam includes aspects we didn’t get taught much on in England, such as Midwifery because it’s a separate degree therefore I need to focus on that aspect. As well as focusing on other aspects of nursing that are different here in the states such medication & nursing practices, therefore lots of nursing homework to do! But hey, knowledge is power!

Cup of enthusiasm anyone?

The NCLEX exam will also allow me to apply for university, in my post “why nursing” I spoke about how my goal is to become a midwife. So as well as taking the exam, if I manage to secure a place at a university to complete my second degree, I will need to get my study head back on for that too. Although I adore anything & everything Midwifery related so studying anything about midwifery shouldn’t be an issue. Exams on the other hand, different story! Especially when you just want to sit and drink hot chocolate while having a Disney movie marathon.

Along with those exams I need to retake my driving test here in the states. I’m not too nervous about retaking my test as I’ve been driving for over five years, however it is different here and it did take my three try’s the first time! (Shh!)

Although all this studying means I’ve got an excuse to go out and purchase new stationary! What girl doesn’t love cute, pretty note books and pencil cases?! You’ve got to find the good in the bad.

If you’ve got any study tips after such a long study break I would much appreciate any tips & advice! Thanks for reading everyone!



43 thoughts on “Getting back into the studying mind

    1. Amazon! Around $8 I think, It’s a great space saver! Easier to read than laying flat on the desk, highly recommend. Oh and it looks cute 😁🌸🙈☺️ thanks for reading & commenting Megan 😘

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  1. I’ll say a prayer for you and I hope your back to studying goes well! 🙂 Also I can’t believe how pretty in subtle pink your pictures are in this blog post-so stinking cute (can my study area look like that asap?!) 💕😊

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  2. Rosie you are young. It is the beginning of you! You will get there, you will find what you want. study hard, hang in there, one day you will enjoy the days of hard work! Trust me! Good Luck to you and all the best!

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    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment! It’s so hard because as I’m sure you know when your young one part of you want to live your life then the other wants to have everything together so when it’s not it stresses you out. But you are completely right! Enjoy the hard work 😁😘❤️

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  3. Wow! You are a British girl. An English Mother Tongue.

    You wrote in the simplest way which every reader could understand like me. I am a Filipino National which I can read, write, and speak English moderately that is applicable to my Job.

    You know why I appreciate your writing? Because it’s easy to understand… Some writers wrote an article which is difficult to understand, I felt like I am out of the earth. Which I need to research first the meaning of every each word that I read. Frankly speaking….. I am sorry for a kinda writer. My English knowledge is very poor.

    My advice for you? Keep reviewing your notes and book reviewer and a BIG GOOD LUCK for your exams and driving test! Keep the FAITH.

    Please FOLLOW ME on my blog and CLICK LIKE some of my articles.

    I made my blog not only for me but also for the street children and orphans like me.

    kindly HELP me to PROMOTE my intention.

    Thanks a lot. See you!

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  4. Good Luck Rosie… can do it! I went back and studied organic chemistry to get licensed in the US. 25 years after I had graduated in Canada….and I hated organic chemistry the first time around….so I know how you feel! But once I got into study mode again it was ok.

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    1. Thank you so much. I bet that was difficult getting back into studying after such a break! I admire people so much who do, we had several who had come back to do there nursing at the age of 40+ I thought it was great that people still want to go on and study. 😁🎓📚


    1. I believe I’m more of a visible learner, seeing it written down or drawn out but I don’t think I’ve ever fully looked into which one I am so I will check that site out for sure! Thank you so much for showing me and wishing me well! 😘😘

      Rosie 💕

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  5. You will have to let us know how the exam is and your journey along the way. I wonder what the difference is between studying here and there. I studied adult nursing and a lot of my friends who travel to Australia eventually give up with the idea of nursing because the entry is so difficult!

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    1. Of course I will ☺️ I’ve heard it’s different and following the NCLEX book I’m studying from I’m understanding the majority of it, the terms and abbreviations are just different here. I hope I’m able to adjust pretty easy 🤞🏼🤞🏼 thank you though 😁☺️😘

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  6. Life is like a huge repetitive exam that never ends! every day is new sheet ahead of us and ready to be filled. The real winner is the one who takes lessons from his past in order to correct the mistakes of today.
    Hope we all appreciate this little precious time of writing before the sheet is taken away from us forever …!

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  7. Wow good luck! Midwifery in particular seems so full on to me so I’ll keep you in my thoughts! The midwives I had when having my kids were just incredible and I think it takes someone really special. Hats off to you for working towards it. I’m studying Psychology and hope to work in perinatal mental health 🙂


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