The last quarter…

Happy October, Happy Fall, Happy last quarter of 2017!

So I’m sitting in the living room with a pumpkin spice latte, Friends is on the t.v and the other half is cooking dinner. Although it’s 79.F outside, it’s cool enough to have comfy sweats and fluffy socks on. This is the first time that it feels like the season is changing since I’ve been here in Florida.

As I’m reminiscing about what my fall looks like back in England, I realize that there is only a quarter of the year left. This year has been the craziest year of my life so far. Thinking about everything that has happened this year causes me to think of all the good moment, along with some bad; however I’m so happy with life at the moment, it makes everything worth it.

Thinking of what’s left to come out of 2017 and what I can get out of this final chapter. As this week begins my best friend Jess is due to visit on Thursday. We’ve never been on holiday together before and being friends for such s long time I’m excited to be able to share something new together. When you move away from you realize how hard it is living away from family & friends, making moments together more special.

While Jess is here we also get to celebrate my first Halloween together. We’re planning on going to Universal to the Halloween Horror nights, maybe some Halloween parties too!

This year will also be my first Thanks Giving ever. We don’t celebrate Thanks Giving in England and I’ve never been in the country during this time so I’m excited to be celebrating my first one with my love.

Following that Christmas, my favorite holiday of all! Excited to spend in with Toney this year.

(Even though we were a pair last year! Just wasn’t spending it with each other)

Last year whilst life was definitely a lot more complicated then, Toney sent me a picture when he was at Disney World with his family and I remember being jealous of him as I’d only been to Disney once at Christmas time and couldn’t really remember it. Yet this year we get to spend Christmas together and make our own memories.



12 thoughts on “The last quarter…

  1. It’s such a shame that England doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving because I always get jealous of everyone on the other side of the world – it seems like a great holiday! Glad to hear that you have so much ahead of you for the upcoming months:) xox

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    1. Thanks so much! I hope you have much to look forward to also! I know I completely agree, probably from watching friends growing up that I heard about thanksgiving. We spend so much time & money on Christmas, I don’t know if my mother would like celebrating another holiday 😂🙈😘🍗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! I think I’m going to need somewhere with all four seasons eventually 🙈🍁. Awe thank you, that means a lot, I’m really glad you enjoy them! I’ll check your blog out too ☺️😘

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    1. Yup we don’t celebrate it at all in the UK ☺️🤔. Thank you very much though it was fab! Can’t wait for next year ☺️☺️ hope yours was fab too! 😘


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