Last minute travels for my best friend!

I’m so excited! Because this coming Thursday my best Friend Jess who lives in England is coming to visit me & Toney here in Florida! I’ve known Jess my whole life, we grew up three houses apart until we decided to leave the nest. We went to the same high school, honestly, we’ve been those kind of friends where we could go ages without talking and it wouldn’t be awkward seeing each other after months. I could message her randomly for help and know she would do her best.

Picture above; Jess furthest to the left & me fourth from the left. My 21st birthday.

So I found out I couldn’t go home this year for Christmas which I’m devastated about because I’ve never missed a Christmas at home with my family & it’s my favorite holiday of all! I was so looking forward to us all spending it together as Toney also gets along so well with my family. However it’s my first Christmas with Toney where we can spend it together so I’m looking forward to planning something for just us, maybe a cabin somewhere cold and snowy?

That would be a perfect Christmas in my eyes!

Because I can’t go home, Toney suggested Jess coming out for a few weeks. Unfortunately Jess just lost her job so due to the circumstances she’s got the time to to come out and visit. She’s had loads of interviews for new jobs this week so it would be great for her to get some good news while she’s here.

She’s also never visited America before and she adores Disney just as much as me so I’m so excited to be able to spend time with her and Toney. As my maid of honor too, I can finally show her where we are going to get married!

Currently I’m trying to find things we can go and do in Florida, we want to relax while she’s here but also see and do as much as we would like while she’s here. Obviously Disney is at the top of that list and it will be fab that she can see it all decorated for Halloween as it’s my first Halloween here too! Along with visiting Disney, Universal Halloween horror nights and spending a day at the beach I’m trying to plan what else we can do!

Any suggestions?

I’ll keep you all updated with what we’ve been up to!



18 thoughts on “Last minute travels for my best friend!

  1. Sounds like a fun visit. Whereabouts in Florida? I’m sort of doing the same thing as you and Jess. I’m heading to Germany to stay at one of my childhood besties at the end of October. I have been home in 20 years.

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    1. I hope it will be 😁 we’re about 45 minutes from Orlando. Oh wow sounds awesome! Bet you can’t wait, I’ve been to Germany once while I was at school, really enjoyed it! Is that where your from? 🌸


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