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As you know I recently wrote about how we’re redecorating the living & kitchen area of our home so I thought I’d update you as we have now finished the small hallway from our bedroom and started the other hallway along with the living area.

Progress So Far

The walls in the hallway were originally eggshell along with the rest of the house, which I hate! I chose a mocha color to keep it neutral still however add more color compared to eggshell. However after the second coat had dried I felt it was too dark. On the picture above I mixed the dark mocha color with some white to lighten it up.


As you can see from the picture above the darker color around the edges and the eggshell at the top, so once I mixed I felt this color was much better. We painted the skirting boards & doors a gloss white to make it look clean and stand out against the “vanilla mocha” as I like to call it.

And below the finished hallway!

.                              .         

As you can see from the pictures above I added my Disney pictures with the handmade frames to go with the color scheme. As it’s only a small area I didn’t want to add too much decor and make the space feel even smaller. We add those pieces as they are all within the color scheme and aren’t too big for the space.

We are currently working on the living area so will post an update when it’s finished!



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        1. Thank you! Never really saw any until we went to the art shop at Disney springs but love it. We found the ones with the hidden mickeys in which I’d like to get but there rather pricey!

          1. Yeah it is, it was called downtown Disney before but they’ve renovated it now. there’s a similar one in cali too! Where all the shops are ☺️

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