Missing the little things, I never thought I would

So I’ve been in the States for around 18 weeks now. Doesn’t sounds like a long time but its been long enough to call it home. As seen in my post Adjusting to humility”Ive talked about the difference in temperature between England and Florida (as theres a big one!) but theres such a difference in lifestyle too, that I’m still adjusting to everything else as well.

Obviously the biggest thing that I miss are my friends and family. However I’m finding myself missing things that I wouldn’t have considered when people asked me “what are you going to miss the most?”. Firstly I would have never thought that I’d miss wearing jeans!

Being able to throw on a pair of comfortable skinny jeans & some Chelsea boots or Converse. I’m still adjusting to the heat and it’s obviously no where near the cool temperature of England, so wearing jeans isn’t really in my daily wardrobe.

Funny one for the ladies, I miss not having to constantly shave my legs! With the heat & humidity out here in Florida I’m wearing shorts, skirts and summer dresses all the time so with my legs always being out I’m constantly having to shave them. I’m sure most women who live in colder climates understand the feeling of being able to hide under there jeans and winter clothes.

As the fall begins to say hello to us, I’m beginning to miss the things I loved back in England at this time of year. Changing color of the leaves and watching them fall. Having to ensure you wrap up warm when you leave the house as it turns colder (if it isn’t already).

Coming home from work into a warm house while it’s cold outside, making a hot chocolate and sitting by the fire with the family. Putting rubbish of the Telly and enjoy how the atmosphere is changing going from summer into fall. However I do not miss the lack of daylight going into fall and winter. Being a nurse working long twelve hour shifts I would hardly see daylight when I was on shift.

Cosy days… relaxing in bed with thick winter socks on, a hot drink and things to read/do while it’s cold outside and you can see winter is slowly approaching. Although I have relaxing days in bed here in Florida, it’s not the same while it’s blue skies and thirty degrees celsius outside!

I miss wearing boots at this time of year! I’m sure most women from a cooler climate have a boot collection and I sure did love mine. If we ever move to a state that has all four seasons I’m sure my Fiancé Toney is not going to enjoy watching my boot collection grow!


Happy Tuesday everyone!



70 thoughts on “Missing the little things, I never thought I would

      1. I’ve recently been watching one tree hill so I really want to visit north Carolina 😍😍 it looks lovely but whether it’s what I’m imagining following watching the tv show 🙈 have you been before? ☺️

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      2. I don’t watch the show, so I’m not sure where it’s set at. But yes, I’ve been to North Carolina many times, throughout my life. It’s my favorite state. Mountains on the west side, beaches on the east. We vacation at least once per year on Ocracoke Island, and have spent copious time in the mountains. I recommend Asheville, Lake Lure, Hendersonville, Pisgah National Forest, the Outer Banks, New Bern. Great cities in Raleigh and Charlotte. And you’ll get all 4 seasons too.

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      3. Omg do you have a farm?! Please say you have pigs? I’m dying to get a pig, in fact I nearly brought one the other week if it wasn’t for Toney’s dog not being good with other animals 🙈😂… I’d love my own ranch with some animals 😍😍😍 jealous of you now!

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      4. We get our fair share, and lots at times. Where y’all have hurricanes to deal with, we get tornadoes in the spring. But in general, we’re rainy in April and May, less over the summer, then again in September and October. Some snow some years, lots of snow others

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      5. I don’t like the sound of tornadoes! I got freaked out when we had a warning with hurricane Irma 😫 probably over dramatic as I was saying to Toney that we’re going to die 🙈😂 sounds like England 😂

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      1. It is still hot in summer, but not as not as FL and it doesn’t last as long. The outdoors here are amazing, there are a ton of great activities, and we have good restaurants. Many attractions here. We have 4 seasons and small amounts of snow that are gone in 24 hours (usually).

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    1. Same! I didn’t think I’d miss such a little thing like the leaves changing 🙈. I’m from the West Midlands too!! 😱 Small world! You’ll have to keep me updated on how everything is back home ☺️. Florida just gets cooler and less humid but it’s still hot in the mid-high 20.C! Nothing else seems to change according to my fiancé! Oh and the clocks change of course but that’s about it.


  1. Well, here in Wisconsin we certainly get all 4 seasons. By far fall is my favorite with the mesmerizing colors from all the trees. I love all of what you mentioned: cozying up by a fire, jeans and boots, and crisp air, but winters here get long and cold. Colorado and Tennessee and California have my vote for places to live. Although Wisconsin does have the beautiful vastness of the Great Lakes, caves, forests and hiking trails, those other states have mountains and milder winters. I’d be sold on that!

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    1. Wow, you sound like me with the love for fall 🌨🍂🍁 … it’s so hard cause every state has its pros and cons, obviously, but it’s finding what you wouldn’t mind coping with. My fiancé is from LA and I really love it, I could see myself living there in the quieter areas anyway (not really a city girl), but LA has the earthquakes (not sure how often).

      I’d prefer to live somewhere over this side of America due to the flight time being less to England if I did ever want/need to visit or my family wanted to come out, the flight to LA is around 13 hours whereas Florida is 7 so it’s little things like that. I adore mountains, waterfalls, countryside. It’s like home but better! If only there was a job where someone could tell you what state is best for you 🙈😂. Thank you for you comment!!! Really enjoyed reading it 😁

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  2. When we moved here, south Mississippi, I really missed the cold that the north brings. Fourteen years later I still miss it. I would rather take off my coat and warm up under a fire, then throw on a swimsuit and hit the pool. That’s just me. I’m a fuzzy socked, coffee drinking, fire enjoying woman!

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    1. Guess I’ll always miss it then! I’m the same! I love fall and everything that comes with it, even the rain. We will end up moving states eventually (I hope) 🍁🍁🍁


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