Hi everyone! I’m back!

I hope you are all well! We’ve just got our power back after three days without. It’s amazing how crazy you start to go without air con! The past few days have certainly been a struggle for Toney & I. We appreciate and are so thankful for electricity since the hurricane.

I wanted to post my own update along with a big thank you as we’ve had so many well wishes following hurricane Irma! I feel so blessed to have received so many kind thoughts. Also thank you to Jess who updated you all while we were without power!

It’s been a stressful few days to say the least. Saturday night, my friend Paula who I’ve mentioned before that I’ve made friends with through my blog, actually came and stopped with us for a night which was amazing to meet her and her fiancΓ©. They came due to the hurricane as they also live in Florida but live in an area which was under more pressure of being affected. Sunday we started to feel Irma approach us more then we were hit by Irma fully from around 10 pm on Sunday.

As my first ever hurricane, I must admit I was scared! We had the weather channel on to follow where the hurricane was heading and when or if it would reach us. As it started approach us and the weather was getting worse and the T.V would pause with a message appearing, stating “TORNADO WARNING, TAKE COVER NOW”, along with alerts on my phone, it was rather scary. I found myself peering out the windows looking for funnel clouds at one point.

The following morning we woke up to windy yet sunny weather. Looking around the house for any damage and luckily there was none to the actual house. Outside we lost a few trees and many large branches came down which we are still cleaning up.

Apart from the mess we need to clear up outside we are both absolutely fine, just getting things back to normal. All our food in our fridge/freezer has gone bad due to the power being out for three days so we need to replace that today. Due to the hurricane we also couldn’t properly celebrate Toney’s birthday which was Saturday so we will be celebrating this weekend!

Once again thank you to everyone who commented on Jess’s updated to wish us well it means so much. Thoughts and prayers with those in a worse situation than is following hurricane Irma.



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  1. I’m sorry, I had to laugh at the thought of you looking for funnel clouds! Sounds like a good mix of thrill and dread. I have never experienced a hurricane myself as I live well away from the coastal areas in GA but we did get quite an influx of people from Florida. Glad to know you are safe, welcome to the blogging community!

  2. Good to hear all well with you and your home. Many trees seem to have been up rooted. We have only had one hurricane in the UK. I think 89 but the devastation to so many trees is still evident.

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