It’s Rosie’s friend, Jess.
She mentioned me recently, I suggested she start the blog!

Well as you all may know, Rosie and her partner Toney currently live in Florida, where hurricane irma has just ripped through. I’m sure she won’t mind me updating you all on the situation!

I am happy to report both her and Toney have told us they’re safe and well but have no electricity for the time being. They have plenty of supplies and access to a vehicle if they need to get around.

For the time being Rosie will be unable to post. No signal, no internet, no power, so no blogging!

If you live in near the affected area please stay safe, contact local authorities only when necessary and look after one another.
If you would like to donate to helping victims of the hurricane please via to Global Giving which is a verified giving site that will update you on what your money has been able to do.
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