As my first hurricane approaches

As hurricane Irma approaches Florida I thought I’d share with you all about my first ever hurricane experience. As you all know I came to Florida in May from England so hurricane Irma will be my first ever time experiencing such weather.

Toney and I discovered that hurricane Irma was heading for Florida yesterday (Tuesday morning 5th September). Toney told me that we needed to head out for supplies incase we did get hit by the storm. I didn’t get worried knowing there was a hurricane coming, to be honest I didn’t really know what to worry about not having experienced one before but when we head out shopping seeing how busy the gas stations and stores were I began to get more concerned.

A friend rang us earlier that morning to say most general stores were out of water and common storm supplies so we headed out to Costco in hope of them not having empty shelves!

When we arrive the car park was busy, there wasn’t even any shopping carts outside the store! Inside we got everything we needed but had to wait in a four isle queue for crates of water which we were only aloud two crates per member.

So we’re stocked up with batteries, water, food, flash lights etc. Awaiting patiently to see what hurricane Irma brings to Florida. As this is my first hurricane, if it does arrive in the days to come if anyone has any advice to pass the time or anything I’d love to read.

Before I end this post I’d like to wish everyone in the path of the hurricane a safe time ahead.

Take care in affected areas!



45 thoughts on “As my first hurricane approaches

  1. Hey Rosie! Since we have a couple of more days before Irma hits, there will be time for stores to restock water etc. Make sure you keep important papers water safe and close by. Dont forfet pet food if you need, and meds. Praying for all who are and will be effected.

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      1. It’s a very large storm, roughly 400 miles across. For reference, that’s about the distance from Miami to Tallahassee. If it turns north, even inland will be affected. Hopefully it’ll weaken a bit after landfall, but it’s still gonna pack a punch. Y’all be safe.

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    1. Thank you. I’m sure she will do the right thing and we will know more about where the storms heading in the next few days. I’m sure I’d be the same if I was a mother though! Stay safe to you all. ✨

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  2. If you have pets make sure they have food etc If the storm is bad I would move anything breakable to a safe place on the floor or a storage bin – just an idea. Perhaps get a good book to read and some board games. Hopefully it’s not too bad. We have a thunder storm here in Porirua, New Zealand to add to almost 2 weeks of constant rain, yay!!

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    1. Check for dog food πŸ‘πŸΌ good idea on moving breakables didn’t think of that! Got to love board games! 😁 we’ve had lots of rain prior to the hearing of the hurricane too πŸ™ it sucks! New Zealand 😍 me and my FiancΓ© really want to visit there. I’m doing a post on honeymoon destinations, I’ll have to have a look into New Zealand! Thanks for reading & commenting 😘


  3. Whew…we were lucky to come out relatively unscathed from Irma. She just left so the place is still fairly windy and rainy. I can’t say the same for our neighboring islands though. Haven’t read the comments yet so I may be repeating someone but it is good to keep important documents in a ziplock bag. I also had an emergency bag packed so I could grab in the event we had to RUNNNNNNNNN…!!!! Don’t forget to keep your first aid kit handy. Be as safe as you could be. All the best…!

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  4. What an interesting present being new to Florida! Be safe, and know that residents of Florida are use to hurricanes, and all these events so once its all over the community will rally to make sure everything is ok.

    Thank you for the likes on my blog btw!

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    1. I know! My family and friends back in the U.K. Have messaging constantly, bless them. It’s meant to get to us over the weekend & Monday so just see what happens and where it goes I guess. We haven’t been told to do anything yet other than prepare. Thanks Tilly! 😘


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