A new look

Toney and I are going to redecorate the living area in our home. He hasn’t done much remodeling since he moved here due to having time away in the Philippines traveling for work and then with visiting me in England.

Since moving here I’ve managed to decorate the bedroom and the vanity unit attached which I’ll post pictures of below. But as we will have lots of visitors coming over from LA & England next April for our wedding so we’re in need of a new look in the living area.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before pictures but prior to me decorating the walls and skirting boards were typical magnolia color and the vanity unit were brown cupboards.

Also had to add some Disney to our bedroom!

In our house you walk into the open living area, with the kitchen attached. I’m planning on having the main wall on the right as you walk in shade of grey with the other walls white. Similar to the pictures below.

I brought some black photo frames to put agains the white walls and then planning on wall mounting the T.V against the grey one. We’re not sure what shade of grey to paint the feature wall yet, but I also brought some light grey quirky shelves from Wayfair which I’m excited to put up.

With the kitchen attached, all cupboards/cabinets are a brown wood with a grey mixed work surface. The outer wall of the kitchen is red (which I hate!), I’m planning on painting the cabinets in the kitchen a olive green with again white walls as seen below.

I’ll keep you updated on how the redecorating is going! If anyone has any suggestions or tips would love to hear from you!



26 thoughts on “A new look

    1. Thank you! Have you found any items that go well with the colors? I’m unsure of what color sofa to get, it will go against a white wall so thinking maybe a shade of grey. And some indoor plants too?

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