Why is it so magical?

Following my last post I wanted to blog about something positive and something I love, but be warned this post contains mushy Disney talk!

Having grown up loving everything Disney, the films, characters, parks, having my parents bring us all to Disney World countless times which I’m so thankful for, as not only is it very expensive but it also holds so many magical childhood memories. I had to write a post about Disney. Maybe not everyone will relate or enjoy to this post but I know for sure some people will! So for all the Disney lovers out there I hope you enjoy reading this post.

Does anyone else ever wonder how one man made something so magical? How each and every film, character, theme park can give you that feeling you get on Christmas morning as a child?

What is it? Why does it give you that feeling? Like your five years old again and nothing in the world matters. The feeling you get when your walking down Main Street USA or when you turn on a Disney film and see the castle or they play your favorite Disney song.

Sometimes I’d love to know the untold secrets about Disney. How they’ve made it so special and magical. Everyone you meet within the Disney parks are so characteristic and friendly. How it doesn’t matter if your five or going seventy five anyone can enjoy it. Then sometimes I think, no, keep the secrets cause maybe then it wouldn’t be as magical anymore.

When people ask “what’s your favorite Disney film”, I can never answer. I find them all magical in there own way. How there all telling a story of there own. If someone asked me what my favorite character was I think I’d have to answer Baymax, when I met him at Disney World it was like a dream came true! Sad or not , maybe we should all feel like our dreams are coming true once in a while.

Does anyone else look forward to the day they can cuddle on the sofa with their little boy or girl and watch countless Disney films? (Hand up I do!)

As I write this I’m thinking to myself “This is what guys must feel about Star Wars!” (Haha).

Myself and Toney got annual passes to Disney World this year. We haven’t been too many times due to being busy with my move out here and planning our wedding (we must sound Disney mad!).

I’m so looking forward to visiting again next weekend for Toney’s birthday and of course fall & Christmas time!



34 thoughts on “Why is it so magical?

  1. I hope to get Disney world someday. We are on the east coast. Lion king is now back out on DVD so we watched that last night and she loved it. I LOVE watching all the Disney classics I grew up on with my kids.

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      1. My favorite is epcot but I love every park for different reasons. I used to work at Disney when I first moved to Florida. I would tell you what my job was but I don’t want to ruin the Disney magic! Let’s just say it is still one of my favorite jobs to this day. 🐭

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      1. All of those! My fiancΓ© has taken me to a few state parks which I’ve loved, there so pretty! Beaches I love and food 😍😍 what about you?


      2. I like it all as well. Where are you located exactly? There are a lot of fun restaurants here in Tampa Bay that are on the beach and also a lot of state parks. I have kayaks too πŸ˜€ so those could be taken out on the bay. The last time we took the kayaks out we say manatees and dolphins!

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      3. Wow!! I want to do that! Sounds amazing. I’ve never done kayaking but the state park we went to you could do, just never got round to it. I’m in Eustis. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp if you want to talk privately ☺️


  2. I’ve never been to Disney but always wanted to! This post ensures that! I’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award! Can’t wait to read your post, mine is on my blog❀️

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    1. I really hope you get to go one day! I know you’d love it, never heard anyone say they don’t like Disney World πŸ™ˆ – Thank you so much! I’m honored that you’ve done that 😁

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