Unfamiliar places

Something occurred the other night which made me feel very uncomfortable. It gave me this feeling that I haven’t felt before, especially since I’ve moved to Florida in May. Afterwards it made feel very different in my new surroundings compared to home. Up until that night I felt very at home here in Florida. Myself and Toney going by our day, doing as we do. I was adjusting to my new life just fine. Don’t get me wrong it’s been different as I’ve never been so far away from my parents and the place a will always call home. So I’m now questioning where this feeling is coming from. Is it cause of what occurred and how it made me feel or is it cause I’m in a new country? A new country where guns and weapons are legal. Is it cause I’m still in an unfamiliar place? I don’t know. Home sick maybe? Who knows.

So the other night I was walking the dog close by home, it was around 9pm. Prior to this I felt quiet comfortable walking the dog on an evening/after dark. I did it at home and it was fine. For those who live in England will know how early it gets dark during the winter. Coming home from work I’d walk the dog and it would be dark, but I’d be fine about it.

I was one minute from our house and a car pulls up next to me. An older man inside the car who’s alone pulls down his window and says “Hey beautiful, need a ride” or something along those lines. I turned straight around and walked home. Maybe I over reacted? Maybe it was a guy being nice? I don’t know but it scared me. And I suddenly felt unsafe here in this new home. Is that stupid to feel this way?

This experience then triggered another debate I’ve been having for a while. In England guns and weapons are illegal so I’m not used to being around or seeing guns, the police don’t even carry them so being around them made me very uncomfortable at first. Toney took me to a shooting range and I didn’t even like the feeling of shooting a gun. I didn’t like that something in my hands had so much power. Yet after the other night my thoughts changed on the idea of having a gun. I started thinking “Maybe as protection a gun is not a bad idea”.

Toney enjoys the shooting range, he has his license and owns many guns which doesn’t bother me. I didn’t like seeing them in the house at first but I got used to it and Toney is extremely cautious and strict with them. It feels like it’s an argument between head and heart. I don’t like guns and never have. But after a little negative experience my mind thinks is it so bad to have as protection?

Who knows. Maybe that night I just got scared and my emotions got the better of me. Maybe unfamiliar spaces overpower your emotions and slightly change how your feel & think about things. Are these kind of experiences good? Does it grow you and make you stronger? Should we all be living out of our comfort zone once in a while?



36 thoughts on “Unfamiliar places

  1. I don’t think you overreacted AT ALL and I think it’s natural. You’re probably part profoundly home sick, part suffering from culture shock and part adjusting to an immense internal and external shift in your life.
    It’s so challenging but you sound like such a lovely and determined person, I’m sure you’ll get through it at your own pace.
    I love that last quote, by way. Absolutely true.

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  2. Hi Rosie. You aren’t overreacting. The man might have pulled you into his car or something , unfortunately that does happen a lot in the states. You did the right thing by running home. Buying a gun to protect yourself isn’t the answer, but unfortunately a lot of us Americans feel that you have to do that. Just be mindful of your surroundings . Florida isn’t England , but be aware that things could happen anywhere . Be safe and God bless you .

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    1. Thank you! I love your comment, and it’s true about buying a gun isn’t the answer. Just funny how after one incident I considered it in my mind. Thank you again 😘😘 x


  3. Rosie. A good lesson learned! Sorry about your bad experience. It’s not safe to walk alone at night! I’d suggest carrying Mace if you have to. The gun controversy goes on & on. Good that you can shoot a gun, even if you never have to. Unfortunately, bad people are everywhere in the world. Too bad we cannot trust everyone to have good intentions. Be aware! Christine

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    1. Thank you for commenting… I suppose I shouldn’t, I guess it’s what I did back home so I wanted to here as I enjoy walking them and if there’s no time during the day etc. I can’t shoot a gun! I did it five times maybe.. I’m guessing I’d have really bad aim πŸ™ˆ your right there though, we can’t trust everyone and bad people are everywhere! Thanks again Christine, really appreciate it. X

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      1. I agree with Christine , but before you carry mace make sure that the state of Florida allows you to. Here in New York City , you have to have permission to carry it legally.


  4. As a US Military Veteran, I’ve been around both, guns and dangerous people. I think your fears are founded to some extent, it’s just your not used to it but this will soon go away with familiarization and time. You’ve heard it often here, especially if you have gone to a range- it’s not the gun that kills people, it’s people. I know state laws vary from state to state but I am still pretty sure that if you murder someone with a shoe it aggravates the charge, or if you beat someone to an inch of death it would be either aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon. My point is, people are capable of anything and at any time, and they don’t need a gun to make that happen if they really want to. It’s the same as them not having guns, if you arm everyone, or take everyone’s guns. The intention is still going to be the same regardless of who has a gun and who doesn’t. The fact that everyone is allowed to have a gun can be a powerful deterrent for a person who wants to harm others too. So take solace in that.
    As far as the creepy old man, older males here in the states tend to be disgustingly unashamed of being so forward, so behalf of men everywhere, I apologize Ma’am. Perhaps owning a gun will help you realize that most of this is really just a matter of perspective ( like the scenario I gave earlier about people and guns) in the end and you’ll get used to that too.

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for commenting! You’re right indeed. I suppose it’s just knowing how to make yourself feel safe? Join everyone around you and get a gun? Get a mace like the other lady suggested or learn MMA? Especially in this crazy time we live in. Thank you though, you’ve really helped! ☺️😘 x

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  5. I’ve had several similar experiences in my life. It’s always frightening and makes you concerned for your safety. I do my best to make choices that keep me safe. Hopefully peace will return to you in your new house, and it will feel like home.

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  6. I wonder if your reaction would have been the same if this had happen here in England. Would it still have made you feel uneasy? I can fully understand your feelings, you are after all in a strange new place, unsure of your surroundings and people. Just use common sense and I am sure you will be fine.

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  7. Oh no, I don’t think you overreacted at all! That’s definitely creepy and I’m glad you didn’t accept the ride. I’m with you about being uncomfortable around guns and I’ve never shot one nor do I have the desire to but when creeps like that come around it makes you think you just might need one. At least your man has a few to protect you with, at least while he’s around!

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  8. “Maybe unfamiliar spaces overpower your emotions and slightly change how you feel & think about things. ”
    Aptly put. In spite of this being true your reaction was natural and you have displayed your bravery by putting this up for everyone to read. I hope you never face such a situation ever ( one can hope at least).πŸ™‚

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  9. I don’t think you over-reacted. But if you were carrying a gun, how do you think that scenario would have played out?

    I agree with the comment above – it’s people who kill people, not guns, so if you do get one, make sure Toney shows you the basics, and get yourself some training. The less familiar you are with the weapon, the more likely it is that you will cause a tragic accident.

    ps. approaching someone with a pick-up line in a car when they’re on foot – I might be wrong but it doesn’t sound like a nice guy!

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  10. Not a good experience in a new country. Agree that gun carrying is probably not the answer.I used to have a dog in the UK and walked with a friend who was a retired police woman. She saw someone with a gun in daylight in our local London park. I didn’t notice as it was concealed! She made us leave the park and then called the police! I think we all have to get to know our local areas and assess the situations carefully. Sometimes it do what locals do. Wearing a shawl in Pakistan attracted less stares in the 1980s! Enjoy your new home and travels and don’t get scared just careful!

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