Our three week trip around England

St James Park, London

My fiancé Toney flew over from America to visit me for three weeks in March for my birthday! He was not only visiting my home, the town and house that I grew up in but he was also visiting England for the first time ever. So as you can imagine, I wanted it to be memorable & show him as much as possible!

The first week he was in England we spent close by home in the West Midlands. We went into Birmingham, spent a night in Stratford in the Welcombe hotel & spa (which is definitely haunted!). Wondering round Stratford showing him cobbled stone streets and old Victorian houses, which he adored! We visited the Black Country Museum with my parents where he rather enjoyed his fish & chips! Not to mention I took him to his first ever football match as I know he loves West Ham! (Serious fiancé points!).

The following week we spent enjoying time with my family and took a trip to Paris for my birthday. We also went to another football match with my dad & nephew in Liverpool for the Liverpool Vs Real Madrid charity match, which was really nice.

The last week we spend together in England we drove up and had four nights in London.

We stayed in Kensington which was the perfect spot for us to go and see all the things he wanted to. We did all the touristy things like see Buckingham Palace, took boat trip along the Thames up to Greenwich and walked through several beautiful parks.

We loved walking up to Camden market. The walk was beautiful along the canals and the market was an experience. It was my first time to Camden market and seeing all the different foods available, music playing, it was a great to see! And the pizza was amazing! I also had to fit in a trip up to up to Greenwich as Toney loves astronomy so a visit to the observatory was a must! He absolutely loved it and the views from the observatory were breathtaking.

Picture above from Greenwich Observatory, sorry it’s a little Blurry!

I hate to admit that an American who had never been on the tube before understood it better than me! Shameful from someone that has been on the tube many times (puts my face into my hands). Overall this whole trip was amazing cause not only did I get to see things from my home that I hadn’t seen before but I also got to learn so much about Toney as a person, while making memories we will never forget.



25 thoughts on “Our three week trip around England

    1. We did thank you! It was nice to see so much but yet there’s still loads we want to see! We’re hoping to go back this Christmas so I can spend it with my family so fingers crossed ☺️ thanks for reading &a commenting 😘


    1. Thank you so much! Just our iPhone 7’s… I love the camera on them. I’m not a photographer at all, Toney has a good Nikon so we might start playing with that if the blog starts to grow ☺️☺️


      1. I have an iPhone 7 as well but I suppose the thing that I suffer from is the lack of great lighting. Here either the many many trees block the light or the sun is too hot and washes out the pics

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      2. Where are you from if I may ask? The pictures I’ve taken from Florida have been pretty ok but again I’m not a photographer 🙈☺️


    1. We were there for 4 days and only went on it once when it was really busy, the other times were ok and we got a seat but I agree when it’s busy it’s horrible! I couldn’t work in London 🙈

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