4200 miles apart, Our long distance relationship


I’m twenty three years old. Growing up I had my serious and not serious relationships.
I’d never however been in a long distance one. Why? I suppose I’d never met anyone who I could see myself dedicating my time to who lived more than fifty miles away from me.

There’s been a lot of people asking how myself and my Fiancé Toney came to meet each other, which I’m still working on. However a huge aspect of our relationship was the distance. I lived in England in the West Midlands around three hours from London and Toney lives in Florida, in total there was around four thousand miles between us.

Although me and Toney were able to overcome the massive barrier in our relationship, it wasn’t easy. I was working over fifty hours a week, not having much spare time.
Our relationship was purely based around communication & trust. By communication I mean messaging, phone calls and FaceTime. Luckily all of our forms of communication were free to use thanks to Apple and WhatsApp.

I would come home from work around half nine at night having worked all day, have some dinner, have a shower and then get into bed and call Toney. Depending on if I was working the next day I’d either be on the phone to him for a few hours or half an hour. Updating him on how my day had gone and telling him how much I wanted to jump on a plane to see him. This was pretty much the same all the days I was working which was a lot. On my days off we would talk more, call each other throughout the day if we weren’t busy, catch up with my family etc.

While I was working or we wasn’t on the phone we was messaging each other when we had a minute to two free. Sometimes while your working a thirteen hour shift and you worked the day before, receiving a text saying “I miss you, I cannot wait till I can hug & kiss you everyday. You are my everything” would be the thing to get me through.

In our relationship people were actually very supportive over the distance. I can imagine for many couples they get remarks and comments like “I bet it won’t work out.” & “Do you think it will actually last?”. Luckily we didn’t get any of those comments. Family, friends and work colleagues were all so supportive and if they could tell I was having a bad day or missing him, they would reassure me “It won’t be long till you see each other again & it will all be worth it.”.

I know that having a long distance relationship is a huge barrier for so many couples, but don’t let it stop you. We didn’t and we succeeded as we’re now together and planning our fairytale wedding. I’ll write a post soon about how me and Toney met and how our relationship started.



98 thoughts on “4200 miles apart, Our long distance relationship

      1. My pleasure. Just follow your heart and it will lead you to your destination! Are you and your fiancé still a long distance relationship? xx

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      2. No we’re together now ☺️ both living here in Florida, we were long distance for about. 5-7 months, a lot of people are asking how we met, it’s a long story so I’m still working on it 😊😊😘 xx

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      1. Definitely understand.. we went November till – feb without seeing each other so it is hard. We did lots of little things to keep each other happy, I’m thinking of writing a post about all the little things you can do but not sure how many long distance relationships there are out there! Or even couples that don’t get to see each other much. We will see! Thank you for reading ☺️☺️

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  1. Aww I’m so happy to hear how you both got through the distance in a relationship and are now gonna be married! This was really inspiring and encouraging to read on my part xx

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  2. I tend to admire persons in long distance relationships. That is something I don’t think I could ever do, this may be due in part to my cynicism or maybe I am a coward but I don’t think I can do that. I admire your strength.

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    1. I’m working on it 🙈 it’s much harder writing things down than it is telling the story in person but I like a challenge and hopefully everyone who reads it will enjoy it! ☺️

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  3. I really admire the fact that you guys were able to make it work. I had a long distance relationship with somebody years ago, but it didn’t work out due to the distance and other factors. It was very hard! Maybe one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I truly respect the amount of work it takes to make that type of relationship work. Good for you!!

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      1. Oh yeah it all worked out for the best. The hardest part was breaking up before we had a chance to find out if what we found online had potential beyond the occasional visit to each other’s state. Otherwise, I have no regrets.

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      2. I can imagine that was hard! I’m so glad I got to meet Toney in person prior to anything serious happening. I don’t know if things would have been the same, but I’ll talk about that in another post later 🙈 long story. Glad all worked out for you! ☺️

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  4. Kudos to the efforts the two of you put into your relationship. I myself m very much in love and have been through that phase of long distance. Glad that it worked out for u guys so well. Can not wait to read how you guys met. And all the very best for the wedding!

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  5. In today’s world of technology, distance isn’t the awful thing it used to be. I work contract jobs, which takes me away from my husband for weeks at a time. Technology definitely helps the distance. Never worry about what anyone thinks about your personal relationship. In the end, it’s only you two, and you seem to be doing great!

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    1. Very true! We have to appreciate technology… that’s very true as well! Thank you for that.. great advice! Reason why I’m really enjoying blogging as I haven’t seen anything negative and people you have never met before with so much more life experience than myself can give such great advice and insight! Thank you for reading and commenting 😘☺️

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  6. Such a lovely article thanks for sharing, my partner and husband since 2013 met online-back in 2008. It took 6months before we met in person but like you we talked, texted, messaged everyday.
    During that time and 8 years later although we are still living apart we keep up the daily communication. Finally after being granted a spouse visa in May I get to move to the US in 5 short weeks! I have just finished my dream job and begin packing up my UK life in exchange for a life stateside, come 1st of Oct our new lives start a fresh. I love my husband dearly, I have missed him everyday and cannot wait to be re-united and make our house a home.
    I wish you many years of happiness built on communication and trust, these relationship are the ones that endure and grow may your journey together be bright and everlasting.

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    1. Oh wow! That’s huge! Congratulations on your marriage and your massively strong marriage! Your an inspiration to every long distance relationship going. Which state are you moving to if you don’t mind me asking? We’re still going through paper work and immigration stuff at the moment so I understand your “finally being granted” it’s not easy. I wish you exactly the same! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I’d love to keep up with how your getting on with your new life out here ☺️☺️. Rosie x

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      1. Thanks Rosie, I literally teared myself away from my job as Head Gardener on Friday! Robert and I have been apart since March so roll on Oct 1st. We have a home in Philadelphia and I’m really looking forward to having a few months together while I decide on the direction my career will take. Completing the visa paperwork was far worse than the interview, being well prepared is the key fortunately we were Married in the UK in 2013 as my hubby had dual nationality, however his young onset of Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2009 meant we have had to endure many months apart. I’d love to tell our story, (need a ghost writer, if anyone reading this is interested get in touch) it’s both heartwarming and sad, inspirational and comforting for those of us who have begun the journey of a long distance relationship. X Stephen. Love to stay in touch x take care of you and yours 🤗

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      2. Wow! You should write a book! I’m sorry to hear about your husbands new condition. All the best for your new move! We have a lawyer doing our paperwork but I’m dreading the interview. Would love to as well! And you ☺️😘

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    1. Awe. I’m so glad it did, thank you. I’m sorry to hear that it did.. I hope it worked out for the best in some way though. Definitely, communication is key! Thanks for the comment & read ! ☺️


  7. Hey Rosie,

    well, as i was reading i can actually relate to some. it made me reminisce my LDR way back 8months ago. We ended up the 5years of being in a online long distance relationship ( not quite sure if you started thru online dating ). To cut the story short, we broke up after getting tired of it all. For that 5 years, he or i have not made any move to met in person.

    But anyway, I’m on this dilemma again. I’m using again the same dating app where i met my ex bf, and few days back i met this guy from Spain, and he told me that he maybe able to come and visit me to where i am. It’s more likely 2000 to 3000 miles away. I lived in Abu Dhabi and he’s from Spain.

    Do you think, I should go for it? And try again?

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    1. Hey! Thanks for you message!

      Wow 5 years is a long time! How did you manage that? Must have been hard for you both.

      Me and my fiancé didn’t meet online no so that helped, I knew who he was, I’d met him in person etc so I knew he was who he said he was.

      To be honest, I can’t tell you to go for it or not… your in the situation so only you can decide. Personally I’m not one to live away from someone I love, I crave everything that comes with a relationship so I’d need to know it was going somewhere. Your clearly very brave to have gone 5 years through this.

      If this other guy is saying he might be able to visit you, see if he will? Then you’ll know if he’s serious about it and if you do meet him obviously be careful but also you’ll know how you feel. We don’t know until we try things. I tried it and I’m now engaged, living in Florida…

      Sometimes you have to take a chance, if you don’t you’ll never know. However what you do know is how you feel inside about him. Is a part of you saying I have to give this a go? Or I don’t think this will go anywhere? Listen to what your feeling.

      Maybe you should write a post about this and see what people say? I’ve had such good advice from blogging so far!

      People are asking how me and my fiancé met so I’m due to post that one soon but as we didn’t meet online it’s hard for me to guide you, it was hard living apart from someone you love though, I knew mine was going somewhere which is why i could bare it.

      Hope all goes well and would love to hear about what you choose and how it goes ☺️😘


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      1. Hey,

        Thanks for the reply. It means alot.

        Well, I already informed this new guy that I decided to give it a go but with 2 specific grounds. 1 is that, we’ll stay as friends until we decided to really meet each other and see where it goes, 2nd was that he and i should bare respect to each other.

        I also shared to him the heartbreak i experienced from the last online relationship i had. I’m not sure, but I guess i gave him a wrong impression. He wasn’t that attentive compared to the last few days.

        I guess, I lost him 😭😭

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      2. Babe if he doesn’t care he’s not worth it!!! Trust me!!! How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

        You need a guy that you can share a respectful relationship with whether that be 5 miles apart or 5000 miles apart.

        Toney and I were just over 4000 miles apart and he would still call me when he woke up (with the time different and all).

        Don’t even give him a thought, move on and you’ll find someone else in no time! 😁😁😁


    1. Lovely! All the best with your relationship, can safely say it worked out for me so hope it does for you too! Yes all those things you have said are so true! ☺️🌸
      I’ll be sure to check out yours 👍🏼 thanks for reading & commenting 💕


  8. I am also in Long distance relationship for last 4 years, it was difficult at the beginning, different time zone, different culture and religion, everything seemed impossible, but It became easier by time. But still sometime we have hard time because we only met once in real and most of the time is virtual. But we trust each other and we are willing to make any sacrifice it takes to make our relationship works

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    1. Oh wow four years! Congratulations, I hope all works out for the best in your relationship! It worked out for me so I can say they do work out for sure! Oh yes trust and sacrificing is certainly major aspects of long distance relationships. Thank you for reading and commenting 😘☺️

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      1. I know!!! It’s kind of inspiring!! My blog is about how my love and I got to where we are, but I hope soon, to be adding more details about where we are going. I hope that makes sense. Lol. I’ve been writing about the past, but we haven’t made much progress toward being together physically. I just can’t wait to write about the present. Ya know?

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      2. Yes it does! It’s sounds awesome, deffo going to follow for the details! 😁😉 I understand for sure! Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking? Have you guys met in person before? Or completely online? ☺️

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  9. I guess I am luckier than you. We are apart by 3359 km. We are in LDR for last 4 years and we could just met once. She is a nurse so it is very difficult to have a constant time frame for us. So we try to talk whenever there is time. Sometimes i even need to stay up until 3 am and sometime she needs to wake up at 4 am, so that we can talk. Its been our routine for last 4 years. I want to wish you all the best for your long distance relationship. Its not gonna be easy but Sure worth it

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    1. Oh wow! Four years! Well done to you both, your love must be so strong as LDR are very hard. Thank you for your kind wishes, we are together now, I moved to Florida in May to be with him. I am a nurse also I completely understand the difficulties with getting time off and shift patterns etc.
      I wish you both all the best, I hope it all works out for the best 😘☺️🤞🏼

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    1. Thank you. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope that is in your past and your now in a good place. I’ll for sure check out your post about it, I’m currently on vacation so I’ll read ASAP 😘☺️


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