If you read the “A little about me” section you’ll know I’m a Registered Nurse. 

When I was twelve years old, my older sister became pregnant while she was fifteen.
It was a shock to our whole family. Some people looked down on us with disgust (those people no longer in our lives!) but most people agreed with the decision my family made to support my sister.

She had her baby boy eight weeks early, three pounds eleven ounces. He was so small. Unfortunately ill never know how it felt to hold him when he was first born as the hospital he was under care of only permitted parents, grandparents and siblings of the child. Therefore I had to wait four weeks until he was discharged until I could physically see and hold him. Nevertheless it was still just as beautiful moment four weeks later.

Seeing my sister pregnant and have a child at a young age gave me this passion for nursing and in particular midwifery. I don’t know why but cannot describe the passion I have for it. When I’ve witnessed births during my career, heard stories, read articles, no matter what it is; it gives me this feeling where I’m so intrigued, I just want to know more until there is no more to know. I adore everything about pregnancy, labour, birth & everything else that comes with it. “The uniqueness of pregnancy and birth inspirers me”.

I applied for Midwifery in England when I was eighteen. I worked very hard at college and did extremely well knowing it was what was required to get me there. In England Nursing and Midwifery are very competitive subjects to get onto, especially as when I were applying, the NHS Bursary were in place, meaning students could get money while being on the course. I managed to get five interview days at my five chosen universities. I remember on the interview day them saying “Remember whatever happens after today, you should all be very proud to be here. Over 2000 people apply and we only interview around 300”.

However I did not get a place and being told how proud we should feel did not help me feel any better. I was devastated, heartbroken in fact. I did not want to take a year out so I decided to apply for nursing and got accept to both of my applied universities, so my journey as a nurse began!

My career in nursing & midwifery started in 2013, since then I’ve worked in a Critical/Intensive care unit for nearly one year along with one year prior as a student, worked in a private hospital which is all based around elective surgery and also neonatal intensive care for six months. Along my journey I’ve also witnessed four natural low risk births, four caesarian sections and a high risk delivery.
However with all the good stuff, comes the bad. Countless tears in the cupboard at work, going home crying because the patient you’ve become to know over the weeks has passed away and not to mention how other staff can make you feel.

I’m so glad that I did my nursing before my midwifery. I’ve gained so many valuable skills which I know will enable me to become a better midwife in the future. On one of my placements in a maternity ward a midwife said to me “I think all midwives should have to do there nursing first, your always responsible for more than one life”. Many will probably disagree with this but I do know for sure nursing has given me such valuable skills & knowledge that I’m sure midwifery wouldn’t have given me.

Coming from England to America, I have to take an exam & get my degree accredited, once that is completed I can work out here and apply for my midwifery degree.
Nursing & midwifery is not for everyone, such a demanding, personal job with countless responsibilities for life and I’d say the majority of the time feeling very unappreciated.

However I love my job and CANNOT wait for the day I get accepted to complete my degree in midwifery and continue my career in this country!

If there are any nurses or midwives in the US I’d love to talk! Any advice/guidance is always appreciated! I’m also planning on writing a few posts on advice for your first job, completing your portfolio, interviews & more. If there’s anything anyone would like to read in particular I would love to know!


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  1. Love this post and good on you for putting those people who looked down on your family out of your life . Nursing is a very good profession and you have to have patience to do it. My aunt, mother, sister in law were all nurses here in New York City and one of my closest friends is one also . God bless you for wanting to help people . I enjoyed your blog post .

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Oh that’s great, I’d love to hear stories and speak to people from the US about what nursing is like out here in the US, interesting to see how caring for people and how practice changes around the world. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you again. 🌹☺️

  2. Rosie, your passion and drive for nursing and midwifery will carry you through! Persistence and hard work are key. I graduated from a diploma nursing school in 1960. Marriage, children and a move abroad (15 years) put off getting advanced degrees until the 90s. Then I went back to school at age 42 and received a BS in Psycology, an MA in Family Therapy, BSN, MSN and NP certificate. I became a board certified Nurse Practitioner at age 60 in 2000. Believe me, whatever you put your mind to, you will succeed. Don’t ever give up your dream to be a midwife, no matter how hard it gets. Christine

    1. Wow, you are inspiring! Thank you so much for this comment! I hope I can achieve like you have too. It’s people like you that inspire me, the fact you’ve achieve all this while maintaining a family, wow! I’m honored to have met you! Thank you so much. 🌹🌹🌹😁

  3. Good for you for following your passion. A lot of people are scared of the medical field for fear that it’ll be really difficult, congratulations for not shying away and doing what you love 🙂

  4. Good luck on your venture… A friend of mine started Nursing after her kids all graduated….She has two semesters left…. in her late 40’s…. shocked everyone when she sold, rented, packed up and moved back to her home town. You are young, with tons of ambition…. you got this venture! 🤗 Oh BTW, I too was a teenage pregnancy. I was 16 my mother took it the hardest, but my family never turned their back on me no matter what others thought. Teen pregnancy is a topic of its on. My 1st born (daughter) is now 39 is just as beautiful as she was when she was born 👀, then I have a 30 year old and my baby is 25 years old….I love it now when I hear “You don’t look old enough to have a 39 year old” 😘 can not wait to hear the rest of your story…..

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful message! It inspirers me hearing others going for the dream career when they’ve already created a life with a house and children as that’s hard to do (I can imagine!). Haha yes I can imagine it’s great when people say that! Thank you so much, I’ve got loads drafted, including how me and my Fiancé met being in different countries and our long distance relationship.. it’s so hard putting things into words when there so personal. Thank you again, rosie 😘🌹

  5. Appreciate ur dedication towards your profession… The experience we get while working are valuable and really helpful to built ourselve. Loved the blog.. All d best 😊😊

  6. Good for you, I love your determination, you will absolutely get everything you want in this life with your fantastic attitude, I wish you all the best, the midwifery profession will be darned lucky to have a lovely person like you xx

  7. An extended stay I the hospital a couple of years ago impressed upon me the dedication and compassion nurses have. It’s a tough job and I commend you for wanting it so badly. 😊

  8. Welcome to America! As you mentioined, nursing is not always easy. Wonderful that you have passion for this. Excited about your Disney Land wedding. It will be beautiful! Congratulations.

    1. Thank you so much! Beautiful things you have said, I’ll do my best to keep you updated and keep it enjoyable! Thank you for reading 😘☺️

  9. i wanted to be a pharmacist someday😊☺😀
    Being a nurse requires hardwork and dedication, i admire you for choosing that path😊

  10. good luck! I have been a registered nurse for over a decade and counting down but currently, I am no longer in bedside nursing but teaching nursing to young people.

    all the best for your midwifery journey. I salute midwives as it not only caring for the mother but also the baby. 😀

    1. Oh wow, I bet you could teach me so much! Congratulations on your new venture. Thank you and exactly why I’m glad I did my nursing first as your always looking after more than one life 😁

  11. It’s great that you have such a passion for nursing. I really admire in a person that level of dedication and love for the career paths they have chosen. I guess I admire it because it’s sort of missing in my life. I mean I have goals but not a do or die mentality. My life is nowhere that I expected or would have planned. I thought it was great how you opened up about your sister giving birth at 15-years-old. It scared me when you said you didn’t have a chance to hold the newborn (I thought something bad had happened) but was so glad to see you were able to four weeks later. I look forward to hearing about your career progression.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I didn’t think my words could touch someone the way it has so thank you for expensing this. Your never too old to do the things you want to. I’ve come across so many people in my career that have decided to change there life because it’s something they dreamed off. I trained with a 50 & 57 year old and they inspired me so much. Or whatever you want to do in life. I suppose everyone’s circumstances are different and it’s easier saying “your never too old” than actually doing it. I can’t wait to share what my career brings with you all, I hope you keep in touch. Thanks for reading & commenting ☺️😘

  12. There are a lot of posts related to Women’s health, especially labor and delivery on my blog. Perhaps, you would find some inspiration in some of it! I too share the same passion you describe in your post. I have practiced as a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years now and my passion has not faded. It is a very difficult job on certain days, but the reward is so incredible.

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