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April 3rd 2018 is the day we say “I Do”.
We’re so excited and so lucky. My fiancé, Toney and I are both Disney lovers so we’ve chosen to get married at Walt Disney World here in our new home Florida! I can’t wait to share this magical journey with you all.

The planning prep, information and options they give you for a Disney Fairytale Wedding is incredible. We have our first planning session in September, which involves a whole day to discuss “every little detail” as stated by our wedding planner Sara. We’re currently debating several aspects of our wedding but are mostly smaller details such as the flavors for our wedding cake (that’s actually a massive aspect in my opinion! Don’t judge, ha). We get to sample our menu and the cake on the planning day next month which includes; hazelnut, churro & mint choc chip are just a snapshot of the flavors available! There are too many options to choose from (Suggestions!?). We’re thinking three tiers with a different flavor for each one. Below is one of the cakes we saw when we visited Disney for our consultation.

Since planning our wedding I’ve come to the realization of how stressful planning your wedding actually is.
It’s quite amusing when you really think about it, your wedding day is about you and your soul mate celebrating your love for one another, yet you find yourself saying things like “Well, what about aunt Barb & her husband, they won’t eat that”. You get wrapped up in making in special for everyone else and forget that it’s YOUR day. So I’m constantly reminding myself that its our big day and not everyone else’s. Luckily my parents keep reminding me that too!

So, along with what style and flavor of cake to have, we still need to consider flowers, reception food, decor & much more. We have decided on our color theme, the song for our first dance and TODAY we have posted our wedding invitations to all of our guests!

Although there is still so much to decided on, I still can’t believe the potential to how magical this day will be. I feel so lucky, its like I’m in a dream. We’re hiring a private balcony next to our reception room at the Grand Floridian so we can watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks “Happily Ever After”. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

I will keep you all updated along our special journey.

229 Days to go!


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  1. How exciting all these wedding plans, sounds like you know exactly what you want? I got married in London at the register office and afterwards in Brazil for the big church wedding. I have been married for almost 30 years, but will never forget my wedding day….enjoy every minute 😄

    1. I know 😁 erm sort of, not so much with the little details. Sounds lovely! Would love to visit Brazil, I bet it was a beautiful wedding. 30 years! What’s the secret? Thank you so much for reading and commenting ☺️😘

  2. Congratulations to you both. Take it from me make it your day, I wish I had done. Like you said we started to worry about other people and ended up having the wedding to suit everyone else, although it was nothing like yours is going to be, it was 25 years ago, things were very different then. This year we celebrate 25 years and are going to retake our vows again we have ended up changing the way we wanted to do it to suit others, (well one person, hubby’s mom). Venue and guest list have both been changed. So enjoy every minute of it and it’s a lovely idea to document every step.

    1. Wow congratulations! Any wedding/marriage advice? 😆. Your right though about suiting it to everyone else, we’re getting better at reminding ourselves it’s our wedding etc. exactly, why I’ve found blogging so useful too as we can look back and read the little details as we log them 😁. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, lovely meeting you 😘☺️

      1. The only marriage advice I can give you is keep a sense of humour, remember neither of you are perfect, and play together never lose that inner child. It’s what’s kept us together. 😘

  3. So happy for you girly!! You’re right on about saying the day is yours and the love of your life’s not anyone else’s. Hope the planning continues to go well! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! So looking forward to it! && can’t wait to share it with you all, we have 6-8 hours of photography depending on which package we choose so there’s going to be a lot of photos to share! 🙈☺️☺️🌹

  4. We are getting married in the same week, so I’m looking forward to keeping up with your journey! I don’t know anybody else getting married and the whole planning process is feeling like a bit f a lonely journey for me at the moment! As lovely as my friends and family are- there are only so many conversations about wedding details that they can take! I’m also blogging about our wedding – Thanks for a great post! Xxx

    1. Wow! That’s great! What date are you getting married? & where if you don’t mind me asking? Yeah I know the feeling… my bridesmaids have probably had enough of me talking about flowers, cake and food! I’ll check it out for sure! Thank you! 😘 xx

      1. We’re getting married in a barn in Cheshire, England – Sandhole Oak Barn it’s called- we get married on the 1st August so very close to you! X

        1. Omg sounds beautiful! I love Cheshire! That will be so nice! We wanted to get married in a barn in Cornwall originally but the whole getting married in England with my fiancé being American was harder than getting married out here. X

          1. Wow- have you been long distance for a long time? I don’t know how you coped- my fiancé lived 2 hrs away and after three months we couldn’t stand it any more and moved in together!

          2. Erm around 7 months we were long distance for, either phone or travelled to each other then since may I’ve moved here. That’s how we felt! Couldn’t stand it anymore… I’m going to write about how we met soon! Everyone’s asking 🙈😊🌹

    1. Your never too old/young to dream/think about your wedding! We’ve only been engaged since Feb this year so we haven’t had much time to plan. They really do make it a fairytale, I’ll keep you updated! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your marriage! That Disney wedding sounds beautiful, and the “they lived happily ever after” on the cake would just be SO cute! When I plan my wedding I don’t think I’ll be caring what Barb and her husband want to eat lol it’s YOUR day! It’s whatever you want!

    Good luck on finishing up all your plans for your wedding. It sounds so exciting!

  6. Hey, if you need inspiration for the wedding cake check out my friends Instagram page, I’m sure there will be more than one design that will catch your eye! He’s based in the UK but if you need a little inspiration check out @roscoescakes on instagram 🙂

      1. Not a problem, he just did my mums wedding cake and I can tell you it was amazing. I think three tiers with a different flavour for each is a great idea that’s what we had and it was a success 😊

          1. Of course, orange sponge with chocolate chips, lemon and poppy seed drizzle and I think the last one was just a plain Victoria sponge for the kiddies. Another very popular one that I make at home is a blueberry sponge 😊 hope this helps 🙂

    1. I’ve just looked. There amazing! I love the four tiered cake half white then the superheroes at the back! We looked at a similar one as it’s a Disney we’re trying to be creative 🙈. Thank you for sharing this! 😘😌

  7. I really like this post, I’m glad I’m following you so I can see your other posts when you update them about your wedding. Is this the first post you’ve done about it?

    1. Yes, first post on the wedding! I will for sure do some more, really enjoyed writing about it and I’ll have lots more pics and info following our planning day. Glad to enjoyed it! 😘☺️

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