New life? Get a blog!

Wow, this is weird! I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know what I’m doing here. (Ha, I’ll give it a go!)

So, 23 years old & 2017 has definitely, no doubts about it been the wildest, toughest yet. I walked into 2017 having made a lot of changes in my life with many more yet to come.

I hope I can connect with you all to share my experiences, lessons and my journey so far &I yet to come!




19 thoughts on “New life? Get a blog!

  1. you are so clever, you are one year older than my daughter, you girls are gifted and you have lots to do in your life. Trust me, you will capture lots of experiences on blogging while you start to find interesting blogs and what people are writing about and doing out there in the world. It will add to your experiences and it will make you young people become wiser, learning and knowing more than you could ever know. Good luck my little darling, you will do a wonderful blog! Keep it up. Thank you for being here and I am glad I met you. Take care now.

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